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Hayo’u Beauty Restorer De-Stress Face Tool Review

24 Nov 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Christmas is coming and although I love this time of year it can be stressful with all the organisation. That’s why it’s important to take that time to relax and have some “me time”. Hayo’u have a range of natural de-stress products to do just that.

Hayo’u Bath Rite Bath Minerals

Hayo'u Bath Rite Bath Minerals
Hayo’u Bath Rite Bath Minerals

For those occasions when you have time to soak in the bath the Bathe-Rite Bath Minerals will help you drift away, in mind if not in body. A concentrated formula of Himalayan pink salt, magnesium and maris sal help draw out tension. Infused with lotus flower lemongrass and that festive staple, frankincense, to help lift your spirit and de-stress. This scent features in all of the products mentioned in this review.

Hayo’u Bath-Rite Shower Minerals

Hayo'u Bath-Rite Shower Minerals
Hayo’u Bath-Rite Shower Minerals

For those who prefer to shower, there’s the Bath-Rite Shower Minerals. Containing the same ingredients as the Bath Minerals the directions recommend taking several deep abdominal breaths whilst massaging the Shower Minerals into your skin. Scent wise, all of the products smell similar to Lush Karma.

Hayo’u Treat-Rite Body Oil

To continue the relaxation there’s the Treat-Rite Body Oil. Designed with self massage in mind. Sea buckthorn and rice oils hydrate and aid skin regeneration. It’s intended to be used with the Body Restorer.

Treat Rite Body Restorer
Hayo’u Treat Rite Body Restorer

The Body Restorer is made from 100% Stainless Steel and is ergonomically designed to fit with the contours of the human body. The concave line skims the skin while the convex side is designed for deeper treatment. By using the Body Restorer on the skin it engages the stimulation of the blood vessels and lymphatic system to aid healing. It’s based on the ancient Chinese Medicine technique called Gua Sha.

Hayo’u Beauty Restorer De-Stress Face Tool

The Treat-Rite Facial Oil is formulated with camellia and palmarosa oils to stimulate cell regeneration and hydrate and safeguard the delicate skin of the face and neck. Palmorosa oil is known for it’s anti-ageing properties. Camellia oil revitalises the complexion whilst also helping to fade scars.


The Beauty Restorer is made from 100% Xiuyan Jade stone and is stunning. Forget any beauty benefits the Beauty restorer may have, although we’ll get to those in a moment. The Restorer looks beautiful on display in the bathroom making it so much easier to incorporate into your routine. Benefit wise the Beauty Restorer draws toxins and tension away from the face using the Gua Sha technique to activate pressure points to relieve the day’s stresses and enhance nutrient supply. These techniques have been used in China for centuries to improve skin’s appearance.

Hayo'u Beauty Restorer De-Stress Face Tool
Hayo’u Beauty Restorer De-Stress Face Tool

I have been using all of the products for a few weeks now, weeks that have been quite stressful including amongst other things a job interview. I have found myself feeling calmer during that time. Whether it’s because I’ve taken that time each day for myself to use the products as intended, or because the scents are providing a sensory release, I’m not sure. Either way, I shall continue to make time in my day for me as I feel I deserve it.

You can find the Hayo’u Beauty Restorer De-Stress Face Tool and other Hayo’u products here

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