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Hair: Top Tips for Shifting A Shade

28 Apr 2015 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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Small changes make big differences!

I think when you’re getting to grips with colour at home, it’s important to be realistic. A twist on your natural colour will give you the lift you are looking for without taking you too far away from home and into the danger zone.

Jonathan Long, Nice’ n Easy’s Colour Adviser says,

Instead of trying a dramatic change of colour, shift your hair colour just one shade or two. Making a subtle change can make a huge difference to your confidence and it will get you noticed in all the right ways. Tweaking your look little and often, say every three to six months, stops you from getting trapped in a rut and being forced to make a radical change later on down the line.”

Be Prepared – have more than you need!


My first rule of preparation is to make sure I have enough dye. It’s better to have an extra box to save for next time, than be caught short half way through the job, and full coverage is essential for a flawless result. When I Shifted A Shade along with Christina Hendrix, I had 6 boxes, but only ended up using 4 (I have a lot of hair!).


Read my interview with Christina HERE.

Other essential prep before opening a single tube includes:

  • Reading the instructions
  • Setting out everything you need – old towels, petroleum jelly for the hair line, baby wipes to clean up…
  • Getting a timer ready
  • Make sure you have done an allergy test 48 hours before

Dirty is Best!

For once in our loves, this is the time to have dirty hair. Just-washed hair can be a be slippy and hard to control, so locks with a bit of grit will serve you well when it comes to sectioning and getting that product right into the hair. The bonus is that increased natural oils will help protect any sensitive scalps from the product.

Caring is …Caring!

Once you have your gorgeous colour, make sure you look after it. Sulphates in shampoo can strip your colour so switch to sulphate free products or ones formulated for coloured hair. And definitely use the CC Colorseal Conditioner that comes in the Nice’ n Easy box. It is amazing! It keeps hair soft and smooth and really helps lock in your colour. You can buy it individually too.

Find Nice’ n Easy HERE and happy shade shifting. Shout if you have questions!!

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