Hair Colour Makeover by Sassoon - Part One! ReallyRee
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Hair Colour Makeover by Sassoon – Part One! #AD

12 May 2017 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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My hair has been the same for a really long time which made it quite difficult for me to get excited about it. I thought quite hard about cutting most of it off, in fact I had actually decided to do it, until I realised that 99% of the people in real life and online completely disagreed! So I started a conversation with Sassoon Salons to work out how I could get excited about my hair again without just getting rid of it all. Here’s the story behind my Hair Colour Makeover by Sassoon. I hope you enjoy it!

Hair Colour Makeover by Sassoon - Part One!
Hair Colour Makeover by Sassoon – Part One!

So once I decided that I needed a change without going for the chop, we came up with the idea of a dramatic colour change that could be achieved through consultation and a bit of a journey. I tried to find a word other than ‘journey’ to describe it as I find that idea a bit cringy, but what I am trying to say is that we knew it would be a process and not something that could done in one sitting.

Hair Colour Makeover by Sassoon - Part One!

I have done quite a lot of DIY colour on my hair in the past which I have been perfectly happy with, but the problem with that is, when you want to go lighter (which I do) then you literally have layers and layers of old colour to deal with which can throw up all kinds of problems. Only a true professional can deal with that!

Hair Colour Makeover Consultation

I went into the Covent Garden Sassoon Salon and saw wonderful colour director Mia who is amazing and did a beautiful chocolate colour for me some time ago. I took my inspiration – this photo I found on Pinterest here!

Hair Colour Makeover by Sassoon - Part One!
Inspiration (see link to pinterest above)

I had no idea if I could achieve that but I wanted to try and Mia said we could get somewhere near, with a few more warm tones (I have so much natural red, it’s never wise to fight it too much). Also, the last colour I did was a box dye (ok 5 boxes for all my hair) and it started off as a deep bronze but completely faded out to quite a ginger shade which I wasn’t really loving.

Once your hair colour does something you don’t expect it to do, you really need the help of a professional and with Sassoon’s rich heritage of over 60 years, I felt confident in the fact that Mia is expertly trained to the highest standards of hair design. Personalisation is key to the Sassoon approach and each haircut and colour is utterly distinctive in the way it is precisely tailored to the individual. Mia told me that my colour would be applied and perfectly blended to flatter my style and the way I like to wear my hair (which is waves – always waves!).

Sassoon’s Colour Prestige Service

The Colour Prestige Service is designed for each guest, and is a holistic 3-tier service which includes the following:

  1. Personalised Colour
  2. Seal Colour Treatment
  3. Choice of two take home colour care products

Guests will receive a £20 saving on their take home product plus, an OPI nail varnish in this season’s latest shade. More info here.

My Hair Colour Makeover – Step One!

I came back a couple of weeks after my consulation and started my hair colour makeover process. The first session took about five hours because I have a lot of hair! It was a lovely five hours because it’s such a nice salon. I’ve had salon experiences before where I’ve felt that I am totally not cool enough to be there and a little bit intimidated. But Sasoon Covent Garden is so warm and welcoming that I didn’t worry about that at all.

Hair Colour Makeover by Sassoon - Part One!
Hair Colour Makeover by Sassoon – Part One!

I am so happy with stage one of my hair colour makeover, but I am one of those ‘more is more’ people (I’m sure that’s no surprise!) and with Mia’s guidance and expertise, I think I can get to something really beautiful and very different to where I started. Stay tuned for the next steps on the blog! What do you think so far?

Hair Colour Makeover by Sassoon - Part One!
Hair Colour Makeover by Sassoon – Part One!

Hair Colour Makeover by Sassoon - Part One!

I have my next appointment on 12th June 2017 so make sure you are following me on Instagram for Stories updates. If you are looking for cut and colour inspiration, you can check out the Sassoon page here.

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This post is sponsored by Sassoon and part of an ongoing hair colour makeover project.

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