Guerlain Mad Eyes Review - Mascara, Brow Framer, Eyeshadow Duo
By Ree

Guerlain Mad Eyes Collection Review – Mascara, Brow Framer, Shadow Stick

8 Jun 2020

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I am absolutely loving the new Guerlain Mad Eyes collection which has a brand new mascara. This is super exciting because I love Guerlain mascaras!! Here’s the lowdown on the newness – I have the Brow Framer, the Contrast Shadow Duo as well as Mad Eyes mascara to show you. Enjoy!

Guerlain Mad Eyes Collection
Guerlain Mad Eyes Collection

The name Mad Eyes makes me giggle a little bit because that’s kind of what I am always trying to avoid in selfies!! It happens a lot ha! Anyway, ignore me!! This is a gorgeous eye wardrobe collection and all the packaging is a stunning rose gold!

What’s in the Guerlain Mad Eyes Collection?

Guerlain Mad Eyes Mascara
  • Mad Eyes Mascara in Mad Black, a bold black; Mad Brown, a deep brown and Mad Blue, a smoky blue
  • Brow Framer in Blonde, Brown and Brunette
  • Contrast Shadow Duo in four shades
  • Precise Liner in Matte Black
  • Intense Liner in Glossy Black and Glossy Brown

This collection is selling fast already and is currently available at Selfridges* and John Lewis*.

Guerlain Mad Eyes Swatches

I don’t have the full collection to show you, but what I have, I love!

Check out my IGTV where I roadtest it all.


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Mad Eyes Brown Framer

Guerlain Mad Eyes Brow Framer
Guerlain Mad Eyes Brow Framer

I have the Brow Framer in 02 Brown and it’s great. Here’s what the shade looks like.

Guerlain Mad Eyes Brow Framer in Brown
Guerlain Mad Eyes Brow Framer in Brown

I love this pen. It uses a hybrid formula with micro-fibres suspended in a coloured gel, designed to seamlessly blends into the brows to increase volume or simply tidy and set in place. It is quite versatile.

Brow Framer in Brown Swatch
Brow Framer in Brown Swatch

The formula features beeswax, cotton extract and D-panthenol, which you will also find in the Mad Eyes mascara. This combination works to treat the brow hair for thicker and more filled out brows the longer you wear it.

The rubber brush is quite similar to the Tom Ford men’s brow groomer*.  It is an ergonomic applicator that shapes the brows and helps distribute the brow fibres uniformly.

Contrast Shadow Duo

I have the shade which is referred to as Aubergine at Selfridges, and has a light champagne shade on one end (copper plum) and a deep burgundy shade on the other (red plum).

Here are the swatches:

Guerlain Mad Eyes Contrast Shadow Duo Swatches - Copper Plum / Red Plum
Guerlain Mad Eyes Contrast Shadow Duo Swatches – Copper Plum / Red Plum

The formula is stunning. It glides on really easily, you have a (very) quick bit of play time to blend, and then is sets firmly in place and doesn’t budge. It’s a great longwear eye colour.

Guerlain Mad Eyes Mascara – Before & After

I think Guerlain’s biggest focus for this collection is the mascara, which is understandable because Guerlain mascaras are amazing!! I love them – I think my favourite is the Guerlain Maxi Lash So Volume*.


The new Mascara promises +112% instant volume. It aims to deliver multi-dimensional volume, lash by lash buildable coverage and opaque colour. Most interestingly, it also offers all the results of a lash serum.

After four months of use you could expect longer, thicker and even curlier lashes. This would mean you’d have to use it very consistently, but as far as I’m concerned, I love it when the elements of care are included.

The formula features:

  • BEESWAX – coats each lash for a clean, no-clump lash line and creamy, easy to build formula
  • COTTON EXTRACT – works on the lashes on two levels firstly to smooth surface fibres & repair small chinks in the lashes, and also work on the inside to strengthen
  • D-PANTHENOL – gives the mascara resistance and flexibility to make it easier to work the mini-fibres into the lashes and also hydrates
  • The brush is calibrated and designed with fibres arranged in a clover shape across the wand which works to boost the amount of product you can apply with each stroke

Before & After Photos

This is a real quick application and the volume builds really quickly and effectively.

Guerlain Mad Eyes Mascara Before & After
Guerlain Mad Eyes Mascara Before & After

It’s a lovely mascara and it lasted really well on my lashes. I can’t wait to play with it more.

Where to buy Guerlain Mad Eyes

So far, this collection seems to be selling very quickly. At the moment I can find it at:

Guerlain Mad Eyes Collection
Guerlain Mad Eyes Collection

I will update with further stock and retailers as soon as I can.

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