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Gold Tree Natural Botox-Like Serum Review

16 Oct 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Natural Botox-Like Serum is made by Spanish cosmetics company Gold Tree. This isn’t a cosmetic line that I had heard of before. Of course trying something new and different is always fun. Natural Botox Serum targets expression lines and is suitable for all skin types.

Here is what Gold Tree has to say about their Natural Botox Like Serum:

Do you need instant smoothing for expression lines? Try the natural alternative to botox for topical use. A biotechnological serum created from 6 natural amino acids which reduces expression lines instantly and in the long term. With a high concentration of natural proteins extracted from soy and wheat in organic cultivation it is the definitive treatment in attacking, correcting and preventing the expression lines caused by the contraction of facial muscles.

Gold Tree Natural Botox-Like Serum- ingredients
Gold Tree Natural Botox-Like Serum – Ingredients

Botox works by paralysing the muscles of expression, it prevents the skin from creasing and the wrinkles that the movement causes. I don’t expect a skin serum to stop my face from moving, but will it reduce fine lines? Let’s have a look at the ingredients:

    • Acetyl Hexapeptide-8– also known as “Botox in a jar”, this is a neurotransmitter that relaxes muscles. It could actually prevent face muscles from contracting in the same way that Botox does.
    • Aloe Barbardensis– also known as Aloe Vera, a well known skincare ingredient that soothes and has antioxidant properties
    • Soy and Wheat protein– these protect against ageing, return brightness and minimise pores
    • Allantoin– reduces inflammation
    • Glycerin– for moisture

The main active ingredient Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 has been shown to stop muscles moving, so there is some hope that this serum could actually have an effect on creases associated with muscle movement. I was very excited to find out if it works.

Gold Tree Natural Botox Like Serum Review

Gold tree natural Botox like ultimate serum review- packaging
Gold Tree Natural Botox-Like Serum

The packaging is lovely, rose gold and glass. It comes in a pump, which I always find the easiest sort of packaging to use. Gold Tree advises applying a drop to the parts of the face where you want to reduce the expression wrinkles. Use morning and evening for the first 30 days. Then once a day should be sufficient. One pump will cover your whole face.

I have been concentrating my efforts to the creases around my eyes and forehead. The serum soaks in well if you use a small amount.

Does it work?

I definitely felt there was an improvement in the fine lines under my eyes after using Natural Botox Serum. I wasn’t expecting to, I think I caught myself in the mirror with the thought “you’re not looking as wrinkly as you usually do”. It could be the moisturising agents and proteins that are doing the trick, as I didn’t notice any reduction in my facial movements. This is probably a good thing. The smoothing effect is visible as soon as the serum absorbs. Natural Botox serum didn’t irritate my skin or cause any breakouts on my sensitive, reactive skin.

Here are the before and after pictures:

Gold tree natural Botox like ultimate serum review- before
Gold Tree Natural Botox Like Ultimate Serum Review- Before
Gold tree natural Botox like ultimate serum review- before
Gold Tree Natural Botox Like Ultimate Serum Review- After

Natural Botox Serum has a great natural formula packed with Anti-ageing ingredients. It’s €49 for 15ml, and you only need a tiny amount so that should last for several weeks. Just pat on a tiny amount and glow!

Find Gold Tree Natural Botox-Like Ultimate Serum Here



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