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Glamoriser Free-Styler Cord Free Straightener Review

21 Jul 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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Well, this is a pretty nifty little gadget! The Glamoriser Free-Styler Cord Free Straightener is a rechargeable, compact straightener that you can throw in your bag and use anywhere.

Glamoriser Free-Styler Cord Free Straightener
Glamoriser Free-Styler Cord Free Straightener

It takes 3 – 4 hours to charge the straightener and it then lasts for 40 minutes of straightening time. This means that you don’t have to take cords with you when you’re going to be out and about.

It’s the ideal size to throw in a handbag or overnight bag, being lightweight and much more compact than a standard straightener. It comes with a sleek, sparkly case too, to keep it from being damaged or scratched when in a bag.

I love the high end styling of these straighteners which are monochrome black and white and look and feel expensive and glamorous.

Despite its small size the Free-Styler  can still reach high temperatures. It has two heat settings- 180 degrees and 200 degrees, more than enough to get hair straight.


Glamoriser Free-Styler Cord Free Straightener Results

In use, this straightener does a great job of straightening my wavy, frizzy hair. It’s worth noting though that the packaging says that if you have very curly hair this product can be used for touching up but that a corded straightener should be used for the initial straightening of the hair.

I’m not quite sure what the reason for this is. 200 degrees is hot enough to straighten even curly hair. I can only assume it’s because the straightener is small. This means that it would take a lot of time and passes over the hair to get the desired effect.

Due to the small size of the unit it does take longer to straighten my hair than a standard straightener. However, I love the convenience of not having to stay close to a plug socket. That being said, for the size of the unit, the straightening plate is not actually that small. It’s narrow like a GHD, the difference being simply that it’s not as long as most corded straighteners.


Glamoriser Free-Styler Cord Free Straightener – Convenience

If you’ve ever tried using your British or Australian straighteners in the USA you’ll know that due to the different electrical systems they often simply don’t get hot enough to use. This is where I think these straighteners would be amazing. You could charge them up and use them and wouldn’t be relying on the correct voltage to keep them hot.  I’m heading to the US next week, so plan to try this out – I’ll let you know.

Another great use for them would be in your drawer at work so you could do touch ups before heading out for the evening straight from the office. They are small and compact enough to slip at the back of the drawer without them being noticed.

Equally, if you’re lucky enough to spend lots of weekends away, these would be great to sling in a bag without them taking up much space.

Glamoriser Free-Styler Cord Free Straightener is £69.99 and available to order online here



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