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GLAMGLOW Mud Mask Review

28 Apr 2013 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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OK this is going to be a bit of a product rave, because quite frankly, GLAMGLOW is one of the best, if not THE best, mud masks I have ever tried!!!

GLAMGLOW  Mud Mask Review
Here is a look at what it looks like in the pot, on the skin wet and also when it has dried:

GLAMGLOW contains green tea leaves (the bits you can see), volcanic minerals, French sea clay and TEAOXI (?!) – apparently GLAMGLOW’s own technology that helps deliver youth boosting nutrients to the skin.

GLAMGLOW  Mud Mask Review
GLAMGLOW  Mud Mask Review
GLAMGLOW  Mud Mask Review
I used the GLAMGLOW  Mud Mask a couple of times now, most recently yesterday before my night out and it does does deliver on its promises.
Talking of promises, here they are:
  • Activates the moisturising collagen synthesis
  • Shrinks the appearance of pores
  • Leaves skin plumped and radiant
It literally makes my skin glow. It tackles patches of dry skin leaving it completely smooth and also feels really hydrating, which is rare for a mud mask. It really tingles on the skin as it detoxifies and draws out impurities. It is quite a tingle, but I have to say I love to feel my products working!!
It also contains ivy which apparently has a long lasting tightening effect on the skin. My skin definitely felt firmer, appeared clearer and more even, and really radiant!
GLAMGLOW  Mud Mask Review
My makeup up went on like a dream!
Now GLAMGLOW  Mud Mask isn’t cheap, but I definitely believe is spending money on products that actually work. For 50mls it is £49.99, and for 15mls (what I have) is £19.99.
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