Givenchy Express Fresh Masks Review | Hydra Sparkling
By Ree

Givenchy Express Fresh Masks Review | Hydra Sparkling

26 Apr 2019 (Updated: 13 Oct 2019)

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* PR sample. Affiliate links | If you love to mask wherever you go, then I have the product for you. Check out this pack of sheet masks from Givenchy. They look like a pack of wipes but they are no such thing! Here are the Givenchy Express Fresh Masks from the Hydra Sparkling range. I have all the details here.

What do the Givenchy Express Fresh Masks do?

These express sheet masks have been designed to give skin a hit of intense hydration in just a few minutes:

  • Immediate hydration & intense freshness in one step
  • Uses Givenchy’s Sparkling Water Complex
  • Features a combination of several molecules that recreate the effervescence of sparkling water within the skin
  • Light moisturising action smooths skin and boosts radiance
  • Light energising action promotes cell renewal
  • Leave mask on for 2 – 3 minutes and massage in excess
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Pack contains 14 masks
Givenchy Express Fresh Masks - Hydra Sparkling
Givenchy Express Fresh Masks – Hydra Sparkling

My Review

I think this pack is such a brilliant idea. You get 14 mask in one pack, so there’s no waste with individual sheet mask packaging, and you can literally whip one out and stick it on. They are a brilliant quick fix for dry or dull skin, they hydrate, soothe and refresh in just a few minutes, and they leave my skin plump, glowy and ready for makeup.

Givenchy Express Fresh Masks - Hydra Sparkling
Givenchy Express Fresh Masks – Hydra Sparkling

What I particularly like about these masks is that they actually fit my face! I find some so loose, baggy, flappy and oversized, and they end up falling off and getting in my hair. I don’t have any of those problems with these masks, which makes everything so much easier.

They are perfect to travel with, as you can just throw the pack in your travel bag. You can use one on the plane, or before you do your makeup while you’re away, and you can always make sure your hydration levels are topped up. I have used quite a few now and I love them!

Also, when I want to make them even more effective, I have been using them under my Facelite LED Face Mask which really supercharges any mask. You can also use the LED on its own of course but I love using it to maximise my other products.

Where can you buy Givenchy Express Fresh Masks?

The pack is £43.50 for 14 masks and you can order them from the following online retailers:

Givenchy Express Fresh Masks - Hydra Sparkling
Givenchy Express Fresh Masks – Hydra Sparkling

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