Giorgio Armani Color Sketcher Review & Swatches
By Ree

Giorgio Armani Color Sketcher Review & Swatches

16 Jul 2019 (Updated: 13 Oct 2019)

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I was super excited to try the new Giorgio Armani Color Sketcher pencils because I love the Armani Beauty brand and I am also obsessed with using the same product on my lips and cheeks. So these are perfect for me! Here’s the low down with lots of swatches.

Giorgio Armani Color Sketcher
Giorgio Armani Color Sketcher

What is Giorgio Armani Color Sketcher?

Giorgio Armani Color Sketcher
Giorgio Armani Color Sketcher
  • Multi-purpose satin colour for lips and cheeks
  • Formulated to glide effortlessly onto lips and cheeks
  • Comfortable, smooth and creamy texture
  • Satin-sheen finish
  • Blendable, mistake proof formula
  • Twist up pencil format
  • Easy to blend and layer to increase depth of colour
  • Available in ten natural, earthy tones

The Shades

The colours come in four different families of tones. They are all soft, subtle and monochromatic. It’s a super elegant shade range.

Beige Tones

1 Sepia, 2 Amaretto
Giorgio Armani Color Sketcher – 1 Sepia, 2 Amaretto
  • 1 Sepia
  • 2 Amaretto

Brown Tones

3 Scarlatto
3 Scarlatto
  • 3 Scarlatto
  • 4 Terra

Pink Tones

5 Taupe, 6 Nuda, 7 Dragee
5 Taupe, 6 Nuda, 7 Dragee
  • 5 Taupe
  • 6 Nuda
  • 7 Dragee
  • 8 Dolci

Plum Tones

9 Auburn
9 Auburn
  • 9 Auburn
  • 10 Wine

Giorgio Armani Color Sketcher Swatches

I have seven of the ten shades to show you here.

Giorgio Armani Color Sketcher
Giorgio Armani Color Sketcher

1 Sepia, 2 Amaretto, 3 Scarlatto, 5 Taupe, 6 Nuda, 7 Dragee, 9 Auburn:

Giorgio Armani Color Sketcher Swatches
Giorgio Armani Color Sketcher Swatches

My Review

The texture is lovely. Each shades melts into the lips and skin. The shape of the pencil is great for lining and filling the lips. Held on the side, it shades colour on to the cheeks effortlessly and the formula blends out beautifully. I love the size of the pencils. They are super easy to pop into a makeup bag and the twist up delivery system makes them really easy to use.

I love the shade range and I think they all work on a whole range of skin tones. In the selection of colours I have, there isn’t really one I wouldn’t want to use. This is such a wearable collection.

I have had a good play and I really love the formula and how it looks on lips and skin. The satin-sheen gives a gorgeous, juicy finish that’s really flattering and youthful.

Make sure you’re following me on Instagram to see these in action soon. I am going show you some swatches and a demo on the lips and cheeks. The slimness of the pencils makes it all feel very arty!

What I really want to do is try them on the eye lids too, because I love a sheeny lid and am currently obsessing over a really harmonius makeup look.

Where to Buy Giorgio Armani Color Sketcher

These new multi-use lip and cheek pencils are £31 each and available now at John Lewis.

Please let me know if  for you have any questions, and stay tuned to the homepage and Instagram for news on all the latest launches and products. The Facebook page is here and make sure you also find me on YouTube.



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