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Ghost Girlcrush Fragrance Review

16 May 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Established by Tanya Sarne in 1984, well known European fashion house Ghost launched their first perfume in 2000 after opening beautiful boutiques in Paris, Los Angeles, Amsterdam and of course London. I’ve been lucky enough to own a few of their perfumes over the years, including Deep Night and Sweetheart.  Actually, the original Ghost perfume, The Fragrance, was the first perfume I ever bought and the scent still reminds me of being a teenager and makes me feel rather nostalgic. I was lucky enough to recently be sent a bottle of their newest fragrance, Ghost Girlcrush – here’s the low down.

Ghost girlcrush- Bottle

This is an energetic, young and girly perfume that features a remix of the classic bottle shape we all know and love. It has a some really fabulous designs on the bottle that remind me a lot of professional doodler Hattie Stewart’s humorous and vibrant designs. Ghost have also got the lovely Lottie Tomlinson, sister of the One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson, onboard to let everyone know that this fruity summer fragrance is all about spreading the love and having fun!

Ghost Girlcrush
Ghost Girlcrush

Ghost Girlcrush Notes

It smells delicious and it’s definitely going to be spending a lot of time in my bag this summer. It has a sweet pomegranate smell and I definitely get a bit of the raspberry that’s in there too. There are also hints of peach and fresh flowers but it’s all balanced out with cedarwood, creamy vanilla and a touch of sensual musk which makes it unmistakably Ghost beneath all the fun and fresh sweetness.

I’ve been wearing this for the last few weeks mostly as a daytime fragrance, and now that summer is finally here it’s the perfect time to get this in your hand bag, beach bag or clutch. Ghost ‘girlcrush’ is £23 for 30ml Edt or £30 for 50ml Edt here

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