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Fushi Really Good Hair Oil. Does it live up to its name?

28 Nov 2011 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Fushi Really Good Hair Oil

I have been doing loads with my hair recently – colouring it, curling it, straightening, spraying it and spritzing it!! The more obsessed I get with my hair (and trust me I’m getting there!) the more stress I seem to be putting it through, and the harder it’s becoming to get my brush through.

So I thought I’d give Fushi’s Really Good Hair Oil a go. I figured that if it lived up to it’s name then …..
So it’s really easy to use. You massage it in to the scalp (probably an easier task for finer hair than mine), leave it on overnight and wash it out the following morning. I did a couple of shampoos, instead of the normal one, to make sure all the oil was out. I conditioned my hair as normal.
And without getting carried away, I really did notice a difference after the first use. My hair felt softer and smoother, and dare I say it, stronger, pretty much straight away.

Fushi Really Good Hair Oil
A day later, I decided to go for the deep conditioning treatment where you massge the oil into your scalp and then wrap your hair with a steaming towel for at least half an hour. Now the thought of having to magic up a steaming hot towel nearly put me off the whole idea, so I thought I’d go for some cling film instead, which I often find does the job without having to go to quite so much bother!

I planned to leave it on for half an hour, but it ended up being an hour because I got comfy on the sofa and carried away with blogging.
I washed it out, exactly as I did before, and then blasted it dry. I was even more impressed this time. My hair was silky soft, super smooth (none of the usual kinks) and really shiny!

Fushi Really Good Hair Oil

This product is a keeper! The Fushi Really Good Hair Oil contains Moroccan Argan Oil and Virgin Coconut Oil (both to strengthen and smooth),Vitamin E rich Avacodo Oil and Sweet Almond Oil (to replenish shine and restore moisture) and Indian Jasmine Oil, (supposed to add a beautiful sweet aroma).

I say a big yes for the first 2 claims but as for the sweet aroma… well I can’t agree. I found it a bit stinky actually. Especially the first night I used it when it was really quite noticeable every time I stirred in my sleep.  It’s lucky that I’d been urged not to be put off by the smell, because I honestly could not be happier with the results. And considering I have only used it twice, it has really knocked my socks off. I think it would be amazing for people with fine hair that are wanting to thicken and  strengthen perhaps.
So I, in turn, urge you not to be put off by the smell…it’s not the best scent in the world (far from it in fact!) but the results are pretty amazing. I love this stuff. It really is Really Good Hair Oil! (Sorry couldn’t resist that!!).
Fushi’s ‘Really Good Hair Oil’ retails at £15.95. Go to www.fushi.co.uk for more info.
Fushi’s body care products are free from Parabens, Petrochemicals, SLS, PEGs and synthetics.

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