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Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream Review

7 Apr 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream Review

If you love the smell of rose then the new Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream is one for you. Packed full of both rosewater and rose oil, the heady scent of roses hits you the moment you remove the lid from the jar.

If you haven’t tried Fresh products before, they are a company that offer what they describe as an “artisanal” method combining natural ingredients into a sensorial experience.

The Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream certainly lives up to these claims of a sensorial experience; the scent of the cream is more reminiscent of an expensively floral perfume than the usual slightly clinical, austere scents that many face creams offer. At the same time it’s not overwhelming, there’s a delicacy to it that means you can use it on your face and still wear your normal perfume too.

The texture is thick, like a cream, but there’s a gel like quality to it too. It’s creamy but not thick in the way that say, creme de la mer is, there’s a definite lightness to it that means it absorbs quickly whilst still being hydrating. It claims a 24 hour time release technology to keep skin hydrated, and is best suited to normal to dry or combination skins.

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream Claims:

  • Hydropatches form a protective moisturizing veil to help attract and retain moisture.
  • – 48% increase in hydration 6 hours after use (24% increase 24 hours after use)
  • An advanced combination of hyaluronic acids helps attract and increase moisture for deep hydration.
  • Rosewater helps to soothe and rose flower oil helps to nourish.
  • Plum seed oil helps to hydrate and maintain a healthy-looking complexion.
  • – 94% noticed their skin was instantly hydrated

Rose Deep Hydration Cream review

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream Ingredients:

rose deep hydration cream review ingredients

After a couple of days use I don’t feel I can really give a full in-depth review of whether this cream lives up to its various claims, but as someone with dry skin and fine lines what I can tell you is that it really does seem to keep skin well hydrated throughout the day, probably as a consequence of the hyaluronic acid and time-release formula. Equally, it does improve the appearance of the skin immediately, making it appear plumper, smoother and better hydrated both on the face and especially the neck.

As well as improving the appearance of the skin, it feels good on the face too, disappearing quickly into the skin and leaving behind none of the stickiness that some creams do. The lightweight formula also means that I was able to immediately apply foundation after application with no pilling or bobbling whatsoever.

All in all, there’s something that’s just so indulgent about this cream, the combination of the texture and the heavenly scent means that it really does feel more expensive than it is, and is a genuine joy to apply.

You can find Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Cream at Harrods or Here for £34. In the US you can find it and read user reviews HERE.

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