Filorga Oxygen Glow Eye Cream Review - Instant Brightening
By Ree

Filorga Oxygen Glow Eye Cream Review

9 Jul 2019

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If you worry about brightness around your eyes then you might find this interesting. The Filorga Oxygen Glow Eye Cream is great for instantly illuminating skin and sits so well under makeup. Here are the details.

Filorga Oxygen Glow Eye Cream
Filorga Oxygen Glow Eye Cream

What is Filorga Oxygen Glow?

This is a new collection from French skincare experts, Filorga, which promises to be a “#NOFILTERSKIN range for perfect skin in any type of lighting, with no trickery or cheating.” It uses pioneering ingredients and technologies to treat flaws in real time with a combination of:

  • Energising Oxygen Booster – inspired by medical oxygenating treatments; optimises how oxygen is transported inside the cells to boost their energy production
  • Smoothing and plumping Hyaluronic Acid – harnesses water inside the tissues and stimulates the synthesis of collagen in the dermis
  • Detoxifying L-Enzyme – traps free radicals as soon as they form, to protect the skin and limit the aging process
  • Photoperfector HD Technology – gives the formulas their pink appearance and contains a combination of optical soft-focus creators and brightening pearl particles, to instantly brighten

There are four products in the range – the Miracle Cream, the Perfecting Express Mask, the Super Detoxifying Cleanser and the Super Perfecting Eye Contour. So far I have only tried the eye cream (I carry it in my handbag) but I really need to get around the trying the other products.

Filorga Oxygen Glow Eye Cream Features

Filorga Oxygen Glow Eye Cream
Filorga Oxygen Glow Eye Cream
  • Enriched with a tetrapeptide that acts on vascular permeability to reduce the “leakage” of haemoglobin
  • Reduces the dark discolouration under eyes
  • Refreshes, hydrates and detoxifies the eye contour
  • Creates a slight highlighting effect, so can be used as a subtle highlighter
Filorga Oxygen Glow Eye Cream
Filorga Oxygen Glow Eye Cream

My Review

I absolutely love the instant brightening effect that this eye cream delivers. It primes the skin perfectly for makeup and boosts its radiant effect. You only need a light layer. It sets to a matte but glowy finish so I like to pop a bit on just before makeup and then blend my concealer in before it dries. It is also great for no makeup days as it subtly brightens and boosts the eye area.

Filorga Oxygen Glow Eye Cream
Filorga Oxygen Glow Eye Cream

If you like something with a richer, creamier feel, it mixes nicely into other creams and liquid makeup.

Where to buy the Filorga Oxygen Glow Collection

Find the products online at Debenhams. The eye cream is £27.

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