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Fake Bake Face Platinum Anti-Ageing Self Tan Lotion Review

23 Mar 2013 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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I have been meaning to tell you about the face tan from Fake Bake since I discovered it at boot camp earlier in the year – it is a real little gem!
This is Fake Bake Face Platinum Anti-Ageing Self Tan Lotion.
Fake+Bake+Face+Platinum+ Anti-Ageing+Self+Tan+Lotion
Fake Bake Face Platinum Anti-Ageing Self Tan Lotion Review
I love wearing fake tan on my face but I do find it a bit drying which seriously emphasises fine lines and wrinkles – so rather than looking fresh and glowing, it can end up a bit old and haggardy!
Fortunately Fake Bake UK’s very own founder and all round good girl, Sandra, told me all about Fake Bake Face Platinum Anti-Ageing Self Tan Lotion whilst on a rather exhaustingly long trek at boot camp. The idea of it really got me excited and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t discovered it already myself.

Once back at base, lovely Victoria, Fake Bake At Home UK manager, sacrificed her very own bottle for me to try. What a sweetie! 
You don’t really look that great at boot camp, but I have to say, this really helped!!! It’s really easy to apply. You just pump a little out and spread into onto your face and neck with your fingers.
Fake+Bake+Face+Platinum+ Anti-Ageing+Self+Tan+Lotion+swatch
Fake Bake Face Platinum Anti-Ageing Self Tan Lotion Review
It is tinted, so you may want to use gloves, but I tend to pop it on quickly and then wash my hands to make sure it doesn’t stain my fingers.
It blends out easily and feels really moisturising. You get an instant glow that then develops into a lasting glow after a few hours. What more could you want?
Well some anti-ageing ingredients, that’s what!! Don’t worry – it’s in there!!
“PhytoCellTecTM Malus Domestica (contained in Fake Bake Platinum) was created from stem cells extracted from the rare Swiss apple Uttwiler Spätlauber. It was found that when these apple stem cells were applied to the skin, they boosted the production of new skin cells, protected the skin from stress and decreased wrinkles. In effect, they assist your skin to heal itself.”
Yay! Tanning and anti-ageing in one – those are 2 things that rarely go hand in hand!
I avoid over-exposure to the sun at all costs, to prevent skin cancer which my mum has suffered from, and wrinkles, so this is perfect for me.
It keeps me looking human (I can go deathly pale otherwise) and looks after my skin at the same time. MASSIVE thumbs up! This is the only self tan I’ll be putting on my face from now on.
Fake Bake Face Platinum Anti-Ageing Self Tan Lotion costs £32.50 for 60ml although I have seen it for quite a lot cheaper if you shop around online.

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