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EVO Follicles Unite from Lovemane

26 Feb 2012 (Updated: 16 Feb 2018)

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EVO Follicles Unite
I recently discovered a fab new site called Lovemane that stocks some great haircare brands for both girls and boys.
I am all about the hair these days so it’s one of my hottest topics and I was keen to discover a brand I hadn’t heard of before called EVO. So for the past few weeks I have been testing out their fab gift pack ‘Follicles Unite’ which contains a shampoo, a conditioner and a hydrating moisture mask.
EVO Follicles Unite
The range is designed is put the moisture back into dry, frizzy hair quick smart, and as I am obsessed with curling and waving and heat styling in general, I’m definitely the right girl to test this out!
EVO Follicles Unite
The shampoo wittily named ‘the therapist’ is probably the thickest and goopiest shampoo I have ever come across. You have to work to get it to spread across your scalp but it’s worth it because it feels super nourishing and hydrating. It lathers nicely once you’ve got it going and rinses out easily. Also smells good.
EVO Follicles Unite
The ‘therapist’ conditioner is a fabbie product too. You apply it to wet hair after you’ve rinsed away the shampoo, leave it for 2 minutes and then rinse it out. My hair feels silky straight away.
I can easily brush it through when it’s wet and any tangles smooth straight out.
EVO Follicles Unite
When I have more time I have been using the ‘great hydrator moisture mask’ which comes free in the set with the shampoo and conditioner. You leave this on for five minutes and it leaves my hair extra shiny and smooth.
I think the shine you can see here at my Babyliss shoot is down to EVO…
The Adele Look Using BaByliss  Big Hair and  BaByliss Root Boost
I also love the boxy bottles and cute captions to describe the products.

The EVO Follicles Unite set is £22.45 from Lovemane. They are giving away a free sample of Moroccan Oil with every purchase from the site right now. Also there’s free shipping when buying 2 items & on all orders over £30.

Have you discovered any new haircare brands recently?

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