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EVE LOM Age Defying Smoothing Treatment Capsules Review

9 Sep 2013 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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How absolutely gorgeous does this little pot of treasure look?! These are the new EVE LOM Age Defying Smoothing Treatment Capsules.
EVE LOM Age Defying Smoothing Treatment
EVE LOM Age Defying Smoothing Treatment Capsules
Inside each little capsule (of which there are 90) there’s a rich cocktail of anti-ageing ingredients that feel absolutely amazing on my skin. They are seriously gorgeous to use – the serum glides, slides and melts into my skin, leaving it velvet soft.
The capsules contain a really generous amount of the Age Defying Treatment serum – enough for the whole face, neck and some decolletage.
EVE LOM Age Defying Smoothing Treatment
The EVE LOM Age Defying Smoothing formula claims to work to reduce wrinkle depth by “targeting wrinkle formations especially on the forehead and around the eye area for a more radiant, smoother and younger-looking complexion”. The instructions advise that it’s best used at night but I find that it has such a brilliant instant smoothing and plumping effect that I like to use them during the day. It doesn’t leave any residue and sinks in beautifully so is perfect under my makeup.
Key ingredients:
  • A patented Hexapeptide, made of a combination of 5 natural amino acids to fight facial expression lines and skin ageing caused by facial movements.
  • Tocotrienols, a potent antioxidant and natural member of the Vitamin E family, designed to accumulate in the top layer of the skin and defend it from free radicals
I have been using these for a couple of weeks now and love them. They feel so luxurious and really instantly improve the appearance of my skin by smoothing lines and blurring open pores. They give a real soft focus effect. They are also perfect for travelling, and when I have been out and about I just pop a few into my bag – no bulky pots to lug around!
Some of the slip and slide feel I love is down to silicones which help to safely lubricate, protect and strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier. But if silicone isn’t your thing then you are going to have to side step this product.
EVE LOM Age Defying Smoothing Treatment Capsules cost £120 for 90 capsules and available for pre-order at Space NK. They are set to launch on 12th September 2013. Pricey but you won’t be disappointed on the luxe scale.
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