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Essie Fall 2016 Collection Review

25 Sep 2016 (Updated: 13 Oct 2019)

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As every new season approaches I tell myself that I don’t need any more nail varnish, but I somehow “accidentally” see swatches from Essie’s new collection and I’m grabbing my purse and running out of the door. That is exactly what happened with the Essie Fall 2016 Collection.

From L-R – go go geisha, now and zen, udon know me

Essie’s Fall 2016 Collection is a range of 6 nail polishes which plays homage to one of the most eclectic fashion capitals in the world – Tokyo. The collection is said to reflect the city’s street style, food culture and autumnal-fall colours.

  • Udon Know Me – a beautiful duck egg blue, it’s a lot bluer on the nails, in the bottle it leans more grey/green.
  • Go Go Geisha – an almost matte soft ballet slipper pink, with a cool greyish undertone.
  • Now and Zen – a gorgeous true grey with green undertones, essie calls is a timeless sage grey. Very reminiscent of chinchilly and cocktail-bling (cocktail-bling is my all-time fave and my first ever essie purchase).
  • Kimono-Over – a deep plum purple colour.
  • Maki Me Happy – an exquisite red berry shade.
  • Playing Koi – a beautiful burnt, rust orange. A really unique colour.

The real trouble was deciding on which colours to pick up, I opted for udon know me, go go geisha and now and zen.

Essie Fall 2016 Collection Swatches

Udon Know Methis was a fairly thin formula but not watery in consistency. The first coat was quite inconsistent, but on the second coat I got full opacity. I felt this didn’t really need a top coat either.


Go Go GeishaI found this the trickiest to apply, it had a slightly gritty texture and it looked a little streaky. This needed two coats and a top coat which helped with the grittiness/streakiness. I decided to wear a top coat with this one and really liked the final finish.


Now and Zen – this was a thicker formula than the previous two, and went on the best. You could pretty much rock just one coat. Applies quite matte and looks darker on the nails than in the bottle.


Essie Fall 2016 Collection Application

The brushes on all of them had the typical rounded brush tip, but I did find that on all of the brushes there were some splayed fibres, which can make application tricky. With all of the above I applied the same base coat, and with go go geisha and now and zen I used my trusty Seche Vite top coat (I found that this helped with the ‘texture’ on the finish). I thought it worth noting that these 3 polishes are particularity matte in finish, so depending on what look you wanted to achieve you could choose to not wear a top coat.

All of the varnishes in this range are DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde free.

Essie is one of those brands that every beauty lover is aware of, and for good reasons. It’s a highly accessible brand and it doesn’t break the bank. I know I’m not the only one says that the formulas vary from shade to shade, but ultimately I’m a fan of Essie because they know how to be innovative, quirky and are part of the bigger zeitgeist, often predicting trends. What I really love about this particular range, is that the shades don’t fall into one format (ie. brights, neons etc) and so there is something for everyone.

Well done Essie, in my opinion, you have nailed it again (I couldn’t resist, sorry)!

This Essie Fall 2016 Collection is available here now.


Tazitea x



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