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English Mineral Makeup Matte Prime & Tone Corrector

9 Apr 2017 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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I love mineral make up products, my skin is sensitive after eczema as a child and I also suffer from Rosacea so the idea that there’s a new mineral make up company on the scene is exciting. Run by mother and daughter Jeanette and Grace Burrows, English Mineral makeup is 100% natural, 100% minerals, cruelty free and vegan friendly. They were looking to create a high quality makeup that was suitable for the fine lines of ageing skin, whilst being gentle enough for younger, more delicate skin.

English Mineral Makeup
English Mineral Makeup

I opted to try the Matte Prime/ Veil in neutral, also available in cool and warm tones. And because I’ve never actually tried colour correcting I also selected the Tone Corrector in green as that’s great for redness. They also do pink for adding brightness and radiance to pale, sallow skin, for brightening the under eye area and for masking fatigue. Meanwhile Yellow masks purple and blue so is great for bruising, under eye darkness and veins. Finally blue neutralises yellow and orange so is great for pigmentation and hiding fake tan disasters. To apply the minerals I used the pink kabuki brush- it’s so soft! I have used kabuki brushes to apply my mineral foundations before and this brush has fast become my favourite!

English Mineral Makeup Matte Primer and Tone Corrector

First I applied the tone corrector to my cleansed skin. As with most mineral products a little goes a long way. You’re best to start with a small amount of product and then keep buffing into the skin, the buffing warms the minerals and enables them to work better. The tone corrector made short work of my Rosacea, in fact I could happily have gone out with just that on my skin. I was concerned about the masking effect of the green, having never tried colour correcting before, but it just evened my skin tone out and made me less self conscious.

English Mineral Makeup
English Mineral Makeup

After the tone corrector I used the Matte Prime/ Veil to prep my skin for foundation application, it was definitely weird using a powder as a primer, but the product quickly melted into my skin. It buffs in easily and again, if wanted I could happily have left it there as I was happy with how my skin looked. I tried this product under both powder and liquid foundations and the results were pretty similar which is good. You could also use this product over the top of your foundation to help set it, or try the Fairy Godmother, a multi-tasking powder which English Mineral Makeup is getting well known for- it’s on my wish list to try next.

English Mineral Makeup Packaging
English Mineral Makeup Packaging

I have long been a Bare Minerals fan and I would say these products are very comparable to their range, I would use the two ranges alongside each other quite happily as I feel they complement each other. I also love the way the products are presented as they definitely have a luxury feel to them. You can find the full range of English Mineral Makeup and more information about the brand here

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