Elizabeth Hurley Lights the BT Tower Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness 2013 - Really Ree
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Elizabeth Hurley Lights the BT Tower Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness 2013

26 Sep 2013 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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I had a completely inspiring day yesterday thanks to Elizabeth Hurley and the Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. 
Elizabeth Hurley – Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Not only did we hear from Elizabeth but also the actual scientists that carry out the crucial cancer research funding by BCA. They were so wonderful and explained that breast cancer survival rates have risen to 90% – such a positive message – but there’s still a long way to go.

Elizabeth Hurley and Chris Good -MD Estee Lauder – lighting the BT Tower
Elizabeth Hurley and the BT Tower
The Breast Cancer Awareness campaign from Estee Lauder is slightly different this year. Up until now has been very focussed on raising awareness about the deadly disease, however, it’s felt that this task has been largely achieved.
It now has to be about action and raising all important funds to ensure that the crucial research can be carried out to finally find the cure for breast cancer and beat it for good.  This year’s campaign’s central theme is a global social experience that invites people to create a Circle of Strength – you get together with friends and family to agree goals like having regular breast checks, improving health and fitness or each saving £10 a month to donate to Cancer Research. The idea is that we are stronger together.
Breast Cancer Awareness 2013
We should spread the word across our Social Media platforms using #BCAStrength and we’ll be able to create our Cirlces via facebook once October begins. I am trying to think of a really exciting way to raise money and I shall update you shortly.
If you have any idea please do let me know because after all we really are stronger together. Please help spread the word about this year’s campaign using the hashtag. I had the extreme pleasure of interviewig Elizabeth with Ruth Crilly yesterday and that will be up on Body Talk in October 2013. I’ll let you know when.
What will you do for Breast Cancer Awareness month? Tweet me @Reallyree using #BCAStrength

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