Dr Dray Lip Refresh Review - Hydration and Plumping
By Ree

Dr Dray Lip Refresh Review – Hydration and Plumping

4 Jun 2018 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Lips are a big focus in the beauty industry right now. But what do you do if you want subtle enhancement and rejuvenation without the ‘filled’ lip look? I went down to Dr Dray’s Kensington Clinic to try out one of their signature treatments, the Dr Dray Lip Refresh. Here’s how I got on.

Dr Dray Lip Refresh
Dr Dray Lip Refresh

This treatment uses hyaluronic acid injections but it is not a filler because it’s a very fluid, non-volumising form of HA.

Dr Dray Lip Refresh Features

  • Treatment starts with a diagnostic examination of the lip area
  • Consists of injections of a fluid, non-volumising hyaluronic acid & vitamin E
  • Uses a biocompatible, hydrating, & completely absorbable fluid
  • Injected using a painless microneedle to necessary areas marked out by the doctor
  • Works to smooth out lines around the mouth
  • Rehydrates and redefine the lips
  • Can be used to structure and reshape the lips
  • Creates natural looking results
  • Doesn’t add extra volume or freeze expression of the lips
  • Treatment lasts approximately fifteen minutes
Dr Dray Lip Refresh
Dr Dray Lip Refresh

After the examination, you discuss the treatment plan and then a nurse applies an anesthetic cream to ensure the process is completely painless. The lips are then marked where the injections will be and then the doctor starts to inject. I found it totally painless, thanks to a teeny tiny needle, and was instantly pleased with how my lips looked. Although the injections weren’t volumising, my lips looked smoother, fuller and more even.

Dr Dray Lip Refresh
Dr Dray Lip Refresh

The best part is that they don’t look ‘done’ at all just lovely and juicy and easy to apply lip colour to. I had the treatment done at the end of April and no one has actually noticed, which is always the best sign of good work. Results should last for approximately six months.

You can find out more information on the Dr Dray Lip Refresh HERE.

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