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Dove Natural Touch Deodorant

6 May 2012 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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New Natural Touch Deodorant
New Dove Natural Touch Deodorant

Say hello to Dove deodorant’s latest launch, new Dove Natural Touch which contains dead sea minerals extracts.

The Dead Sea has long been hailed as one of the ultimate moisturisers and has even been seen to provide relief from psoriasis. So, as well as Dove’s traditional one quarter moisturising cream, Natural Touch is supercharged with Dead Sea Minerals too.
Tested in hot rooms and put through its paces by Dove’s professional armpit sniffers (yes really), Dove Natural Touch is proven to protect against odour and moisture over 48 hours. The fragrance is tested over the same period too to ensure that it is long lasting and continues to mask any nasty niffs.
And talking of the fragrance, it really does smell good, with lots of lovely citrus, florals, amber and musk.

Dove Natural Touch deodorant is out now and comes in a roll-on and aerosol from £2.19. It smell so good that it’s my deodorant of choice right now!

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