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DKNY Be Delicious Skin, Marloes Horst and Amsterdam

18 Oct 2013 (Updated: 16 Feb 2018)

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Everyone knows the Apple don’t they? Since its launch back in 2004, DKNY’s Be Delicious Eau de Parfum has carved a very special niche in fragrance history. It was so new and fresh and different and it really still is nearly 10 years later, especially with its reinvention in the form of hybrid fragrance and skincare format, Be Delicious Skin.
I was delighted to be invited by DKNY to Amsterdam to celebrate this new fragrance genre in the making and also to meet the new face of the fragrance, beautiful (and charming) Marloes Horst.
Marloes Horst
DKNY Be Delicious
Marloes Horst for DKNY Be Delicious
The Bloggers! Jen, Milly, Lily (me) and Zoe
I had the best time. My fellow blogger girls were delightful and DKNY’s Trudi and Kayleigh looked after us so well.
DKNY’s Be Delicious is sold in more than 50 countries globally and has been a top performing fragrance pretty much since the moment it launched. 6.5 million units were sold in the last 12 months alone, in spite of the fact that it launched back in 2004. Impressive stats!
Although never really out of the limelight, I think we now need to get ready for re-newed spotlight status for Be Delicious with this breakthrough new product, Be Delicious Skin and a beautiful new ambassdor Marloes Horst who brings a sexy, more provacative new energy to the Apple!
Be Delicious Skin’s Apple Fusion Complex is a groundbreaking formula that has managed to harness the perfumery powers of alcohol whilst including NMFs (natural moisturing factors) urea and glycerin, plus aloe and mulberry leaf extract, to deliver powerful skincare benefits. The fragrance is less concentrated, allowing you to mist your whole body via a continuous spray atomiser, without over-dosing on the scent.
Marloes, a native of Amsterdam, has been living and modelling in New York for 6 years, which she loves because everyone fits in there. Marloes feels that DKNY Be Delicious is the perfect fit for her – as she has grown up, so has the DKNY Be Delicious brand, and their shared ethos allows her to be herself.
She says she’s obsessed with moisturiser and so Be Delicious Skin is the perfect product for her. Her other obsession is always taking her makeup off at night – she always goes to bed with freshly cleansed skin. Marloes loved natural looking make up and her basics are lip balm and mascara.
I asked her what the best trick she had learnt from professional makeup artists is, and she said that she’s learnt to shape her eyebbrows with makeup and goes just a little darker than her natural shade. She says she’s still rubbish at hair though!
DKNY’s campaign strapline is “Take A Bite Out of Life” and I asked Marloes how she interprets this. She said “go for life, take a bite, every day remember your goal and get your life back”.  

DKNY Be Delicious Skin Hydrating EDT Spray is out now with prices starting at £39 – you can find it at Boots and Debenhams. Check Marloes Horst in the campaign video HERE.


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