Diptyque X Pierre Frey Candle Duo Set - Rose Geranium & Mimosa
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Diptyque X Pierre Frey Candle Duo Set Review

19 Mar 2019 (Updated: 13 Oct 2019)

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Diptyque candles are some of the most gorgeous candles I own and I’m very taken with this new collaboration with French upholstery fabric designer House of Pierre Frey. Check out the exclusive Diptyque X Pierre Frey Candle Duo Set perfect for Spring and Summer.

Diptyque X Pierre Frey Candle Duo Set
Diptyque X Pierre Frey Candle Duo Set

Fragrance combining is still a big trend and it you want to scent your home in a unique way, it is the way to go. This set is so special because the box design is amazing and such a beautiful keepsake.

Which Scents are in the Diptyque X Pierre Frey Candle Duo Set?

This set has been especially designed for Space NK customers and is an online and store exclusive. The coffret with this gorgeous Pierre Frey design includes two of Diptyque’s finest scents:

  • Geranium Rosa 190g candle
  • Mimosa 190g candle
Diptyque X Pierre Frey Candle Duo Set
Diptyque X Pierre Frey Candle Duo Set

This duo has been put together to evoke the blossoming of the flowers of the French Riviera. “Between the villas on sun-drenched hills facing the sea, spring comes to its end. The mimosas still have their little golden fluffy blossoms, and their velvety, honeyed scent rounds out the aromatic, dewy notes of the flowering geraniums.”

It’s just such a gorgeous combination and will be the perfect way to scent your home during the warmer months of the year. The set will also make the perfect Mother’s Day gift. That day is coming up fast!

Both scents are fresh and beautiful. Mimosa is an uplifting fragrance, light, fresh and floral, and makes me think of blue Springtime skies. Geranium Rosa has a gorgeous spa-like aroma that makes you feel relaxed and refreshed. Together, they are a dream, although you can combine either of them with other candles, or use them alone. Whatever you fancy!

How Much is the Diptyque X Pierre Frey Candle Duo Set?

If you haven’t had a Diptyque candle before and have always wanted one (or two), now is a good time because this set offers up a gorgeous combination of fragrances and they come in a beautiful keepsake box that comes free with the candles. The set costs £94 which means you’re not paying any extra for the limited edition. Candles bought individually are £47.

Diptyque X Pierre Frey Candle Duo Set
Diptyque X Pierre Frey Candle Duo Set

Where Can You Buy the Diptyque X Pierre Frey Set?

This is a limited set which you can buy exclusively at Space NK, while stocks last.

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