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Davina Peace – Responsible Organic Luxury Bodycare

21 Oct 2010 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Davina Peace – Luxury Organic Product Range
So I just have to tell you about my night. I attended probably the loveliest, friendliest and most inspiring launch event to date in the history of ReallyRee.
It was all about the most amazing and truly organic range created by Davina Peace and her team.  These products really are their babies. The passion and belief in the work they have done was visible, almost palpable. Such was the excitement for what they had created, that I felt myself getting swept up and carried along by the emotion!
Left to right: Mariella Tandy from Tatler, THE beautiful Davina Peace and the completely fabulous Nadine from Scoop
Look; I know I’m a bit of a sucker at times, but this was real. Really real. Ooh! ReallyRee!! Oh enough! Anyway, I’ll get back to the story. The launch was at the Davina Peace HQ in Mayfair, and typically, I had no idea how to get there.
You know, it doesn’t matter how many times I travel around London, for me, it never gets any easier to find a place. A sense of direction is not something I possess.
So as usual, I got lost, which makes me panic but luckily I wasn’t that lost, and I got there roughly on time. But I still got flustered in the same way that I would if I’d got properly lost.
This is all beside the point. What I’m trying to say is I was super flustered when I got there, but within about 2 minutes, I suddenly felt utterly serene. Serenity is a state I rarely achieve if I’m honest, but I do believe that I was pretty close to it.
And then I realised why. It was the gorgeous Davina Peace candles that were burning in the room. The aroma seemed to instantly calm me down, and very quickly I went from headless chicken to much more of a calm type of bird altogether! Please again excuse the pun. I honestly can’t help it!
Davina Peace – 100% Natural Wax Candles
Davina Peace has created three candles, each inspired by certain memories.  It’s utterly charming. The candles are White Flowers – Receiving Beautiful White Flowers, Citrus Fruits – The Balmy Smell of Citrus Fruits and Spiced Punch – Spiced Punch on a Winter’s Afternoon.
They all smell completely gorgeous and they are all entirely free of any nasties including paraffin and palm oil, totally unheard of for a candle!
Davina Peace says they are “An enchanting, mood-enhancing candle range that is neither damaging to you health nor the environment”. I can certainly vouch for the mood-enhancing part!
Davina Peace – Body Cream, Body Oil and Hand Cream
Next up is the Body Cream.
Davina says,
“Thick and indulgent, yet immediately absorbed, my body cream actively works to firm and smooth the skin’s surface, helping minimise the appearance of cellulite so that your figure-hugging dress can come out after all!”
I tried it out and it felt absolutely gorgeous. It’s rich and indulgent and instantly moisturising. And the smell is amazing. It is silicone free and owes its texture to the unique properties of UK origin Crambe Oil. The lifting and firming properties come from naturally active Cork Oak.
Also in the range is an incredible Body Oil.
Davina Peace – Body Oil
Davina says,
“Like liquid gold for your skin, this year-round skin beautifier contains powerful, natural repairing properties that are perfect for winter healing, sun soothing or everyday skin nourishment.”
The oil had the same beautiful smell as the cream, so the products can easily be used together. This oil is seriously impressive. It feels super nourishing and kind. It glides over the skin and leaves it looking beautiful but without leaving behind any oily stickiness. Perfect!
It contains anti-ageing Crambe Maritma sea plant extract, a clinically proven active which revitalises, smooths and helps maintain healthy skin. Again, Crambe Oil provides the super slide but no greasy residue.
And finally the Hand Cream. As soon as I applied this, my hands instantly felt more comfortable. As I don’t have a dishwasher, I spend a fair bit of time with my hands plunged in hot water, washing the dishes. I am too impulsive a person to use gloves and as a result, my hands do suffer. They often feel dry and cracked and I worry that they look old!
Davina Peace – Luxury Organic Range
The Hand Cream felt like it was instantly repairing all the trauma I put my hands through. It was fabulous and again, smelt beautiful. It instantly absorbed, which is a big deal for handcreams as you don’t want slippy fingers when trying to get on with whatever you’re doing.
And the main point about the smells of the products is that whilst noticeable and uplifting, they are far from overpowering. The scents don’t linger so you will have no problem with using your usual perfume. An important factor!
The aim of the range was to create truly organic products without compromising on quality. After 12 months of blood sweat and tears, I think Davina Peace and her lovely team can tick all those boxes.
And to prove it, Harrods has snapped them up and will be selling the range from 1st November. What a recommendation!
For more information about the Davina Peace Luxury Organic range, visit www.davinapeace.com
The candles are £36 each, the Body Cream is £55, the Body Oil is £45 and the Hand Cream is £28.
I am becoming more and more excited about genuine organic products. How important are organic products to you?
Can’t wait to hear from you

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