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Collin Resultime Volumising Serum

1 Dec 2012 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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I have been using the Collin Resultime Volumising Serum for just under 3 weeks and I think I have started to see some nice results so wanted to give you a quick run down of the product.

Collin Resultime Volumising Serum
This is a serum aimed at ages 45 + (obvz I am younger but no harm in preparation hey?) you use night and day. It has a targeted action to “add volume and re-define facial contours this serum will lift, re-densify and plump the facial features for a more youthful appearance”.

Losing volume in your face is a funny old thing and not something I ever worried about. I was always on the lines and wrinkles bandwagon and in complete ignorant bliss about any other kinds of ageing issues. But I have to say, over the last couple of years I have noticed less definition in my face and much less youthful plumpness. It’s nothing major, but a change nonetheless.

So I was keen to give this serum a try. Here are the active ingredients:

  • Oleoresin- slows down the lipolysis to plump facial volume
  • Cell life extending active ingredient- Reactivates synthesis of the dermis and also a major component to improve skin density
  • Contains lifting active ingredients 
  • Lifting Dipeptide- Stimulates the synthesis of Elastin and brings a correct and functional architecture of the elastic fiber
  • Tensing sugars- Immediate lifting effect. Short and long-term smoothing effect
  • Contains re-densifying active ingredients
  • ATP- Acts to overcome the cells energy deficit, and the synthesis of Collagen and Elastin to re-densify
  • Vectorised Micro Collagen- COLLIN RESULTIME patent: acts on cellular and tissular regeneration

All this sounds really techy but the gist is that it works to re-plump and lift the skin to restore that ever so sought after youthful look.
In tests on 20 women over a 28 day period:
  • 80% saw Facial Volumes restored 
  • 95% saw skin plumping
  • 95% saw skin lifting
  • 80% saw a re-definition in facial features
So the majority of the test group saw improvement. Now I haven’t been using it for 28 days yet, and also my facial volumes aren’t as depleted as they might be, but I think that my face looks and feels plumper. It isn’t anything I can measure but I feel as though the apples of my cheeks are higher and lifted and there is a general improved firmness. I think.
I am going to continue using this until it’s gone (I have loads left) and see what happens. I am quite optimistic.
The Collin Resultime Volumising Serum is £56.75 for 30ml. Available at salons nationwide, for more information contact Collin on 01767 682288.
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