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Clinique Skinny Stick Review & Swatches

2 Jun 2015 (Updated: 4 Aug 2015)

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So I think we are stepping into a whole new world with Clinique here and I really love it! We all adore the chubbies – lips, eyes, cheeks… the whole shebang! But now things are getting skinny too and lovers of eyeliner are going to be thrilled with this latest launch! I know that I am! There’s a whole host of new gorgeous shades which I have here to show you now. Check out the brand new Clinique Skinny Stick Eyeliners.

Clinique Skinny Stick Review

Clinique Skinny Stick Features

So theses are traditional eyeliners re-invented. The new Clinique Skinny Stick is two thirds the diameter of a traditional eyeliner pencil, meaning that you are going to be able to do a whole lot more with it!

  • Twist up delivery system
  • Super fine pencil
  • Fits closely into the lash line
  • Intense pigment
  • Glide on formula

The nibs fit perfectly into the lash line to create the appearance of a thicker, fuller lash line with natural definition, or add precise shots of colour to light up your eyes.

Clinique Skinny Stick Shades

There are some absolutely beautiful shades and don’t be scared of the yellow. It is a stunning yet subtle alternative to white when it comes to brightening up those eyes. I have all the swatches coming below.

  • 01 Slimming Black
  • 02 Black Silver
  • 03 Slim Sable
  • 04 Olive-tini
  • 05 Skinny Jeans
  • 06 Demi Grape
  • 07 Angel Hair
  • 08 Lemon Slice – limited edition
  • 09 Thin Mint – limited edition
  • 10 Wheat Thin – limited edition
  • 11 Lanky Lapis – limited edition
  • 12 Mini Moss -limited edition

Clinique Skinny Stick Swatches

01 Slimming Black, 02 Black Silver, 03 Slim Sable, 04 Olive-tini:

Clinique Skinny Stick Swatches – 01 Slimming Black, 02 Black Silver, 03 Slim Sable, 04 Olive-tini

05 Skinny Jeans, 06 Demi Grape, 07 Angel Hair, 08 Lemon Slice:

Clinique Skinny Stick Swatches – 05 Skinny Jeans, 06 Demi Grape, 07 Angel Hair, 08 Lemon Slice

09 Thin Mint, 10 Wheat Thin, 11 Lanky Lapis, 12 Mini Moss:

Clinique Skinny Stick Swatches – 09 Thin Mint, 10 Wheat Thin, 11 Lanky Lapis, 12 Mini Moss

I love these. The formula is firm yet smooth so perfect for getting right into those lashes and it is soft enough to use on the waterline – try the yellow! I am in love with Olive-tini, Mini Moss and Slim Sable.

The Clinique Skinny Sticks are £15 each and will be available 31st July 2015. Find Clinique at Boots and department stores nationwide.



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