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Best Christmas Beauty Baubles 2016

2 Dec 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Beauty baubles are a relatively new invention. They started showing up around the same time as that other wonderful creation, the Beauty Advent Calendar, and there are more and more available every year. The fantastic thing about beauty baubles is that they aren’t just meant for your tree- they make fantastic secret Santa gifts and stocking fillers too.

Whilst handing someone a bottle of nail polish or a mini moisturiser for Christmas might just look slightly on the stingy side, pop it into a beauty bauble and suddenly it’s a covetable gift. It’s also a great way to try out samples from your favourite beauty brands before committing to buying full sized versions.

Here’s our round up of the best Christmas beauty baubles for 2016:

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Parties Eyes Bauble £20

best Christmas beauty baubles
Christmas beauty baubles – Charlotte Tilbury

Imagine how happy your child’s teacher or your work colleague would be to find this as their Christmas gift! The Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Party Eyes Bauble contains a mini Rock ‘N’ Kohl: Bedroom Black and a mini Legendary Mascara enclosed in a gorgeously gold, star adorned bauble.

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Emma Hardie Merrily Moringa Bauble £15

best Christmas beauty baubles
Christmas beauty baubles – Emma Hardie

If you’ve been itching to try the iconic Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm, or you just want a travel version to take with you when you go away, here’s your chance. Inside the glowing bronze and gold bauble is a mini Moringa Cleansing Balm and a cloth too. A perfect present for a beauty lover or buy it for yourself to enjoy.

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Lanolips Tinted Rhubarb Bauble £8

best Christmas beauty baubles
Christmas beauty baubles – Lanolips

Lanolips Tinted Rhubarb lip balm is the perfect barely there lip colour and its moisturising formula leaves lips smoothed and soothed in the cooler months. In summer, the SPF30 formula means your lips will be plumped and protected from sun damage too. One thing to note- the SPF in this balm contains Oxybenzone, so if you’re sensitive, give this one a miss.

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Ghost Eclipse Beauty Bauble £8

best Christmas beauty baubles
Christmas beauty baubles – Ghost Eclipse

I’m a huge fan of Ghost Eclipse- it’s one of those scents that grabs you, right from the first waft. It’s a gentle fragrance, but it’s warm, sweet, slightly musky, whilst also being lemony. It’s perfect for summer holidays, for honeymoons and for first dates too. If you’ve never tried it and want to, this is a great way to experience it- or if you love it too and want to share it, but don’t quite have the budget for a full sized version, this is perfect.

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No7 Lip Duo £8

best Christmas beauty baubles
Christmas beauty baubles – No7

This lip duo, whilst not strictly a bauble, has a hanging loop so you can add it to your tree. Inside you’ll find one neutral, sheer nude pink, and one glamorously glossy, deep pink shine. Perfect for the party season, wear the pink on New Year’s Eve and the sheer nude on the second of January when you’re back in the office.

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Caudalie Divine Oil Bauble £8

Christmas beauty baubles – Caudalie

Caudalie Divine Oil is another of those cult products that is great to try out in a sample sized version before opting for the full sized product. The smell of this oil is, as the name suggests and the oil itself is a blend of grape, hibiscus, sesame and argan oils. It can be used on the body, face, hair, nails, in the bath or as a massage oil.

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This Works Sleep Tight Bauble £11.70

best Christmas beauty baubles
Christmas beauty baubles – Caudalie

If you’re an insomniac or you’re buying for someone that struggles to relax, then the thisworks sleep tight bauble is just the right gift. Containing a deep sleep and a sleep + pillow spray that contain the signature Deep Sleep blend of Lavender, Camomile and Vetivert essential oils, deep sleep pillow spray is proven to promote relaxation and help to gently give you a better night’s sleep. In addition the included stress less spray contains a relaxing blend which features patchouli oil and is designed to help you relax and de-stress during the day.

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Molton Brown Shower Gel Bauble £10

Christmas beauty baubles – Molton Brown

This Molton Brown frankincense and allspice festive shower gel bauble will not only look beautiful on your tree, but the contents are a showstopper too. The frankincense and allspice fragrance is Christmassy, but not so much that you won’t want to use this shower gel come January. It comes housed in a gorgeous box, perfect to gift to teachers or colleagues. If this fragrance isn’t your thing, there are four other colourful options.

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Margaret Dabbs Nail Polish Tree Decoration £14

best Christmas beauty baubles
Christmas beauty baubles – Margaret Dabbs

Nail guru Margaret Dabbs has a collection of beautiful polishes enriched with wild rose botanical extract and vitamin E. This gorgeous tree decoration comes with a huge variety of colour options so you can tailor your gift to a colour you know the recipient will love.

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