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Cheeky Beauty from Cowshed

10 Sep 2013 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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Brand new beauty range CHEEKY is rather appealingly being marketed as Cowshed’s “naughty little sister” – as a little sister myself, I rather like it! The line up includes 21 nail polishes (£7), 14 products across body care, hair care and cosmetics (around £8) all backed up with a brand new Cheeky Parlour based in Shoreditch for nail and hair treatments. You can get a nail file and paint, plus take the bottle home with you for £12.  Blow dries start at £15. Fun! 
Apparently this is “the beauty range that re-writes rules, it’s what your body’s been waiting for…” Let’s see what they’ve got!
Here’s a peek…
Cheeky Nail Paint Glitter Bug

Cheeky Body Care

Cheeky Loving Your Locks Conditioner
In terms of fragrance it is sounding lovely – a grapefruit, lemon, petitgrain and cedarwood which should make for a lovely balance.
Cowshed’s baby sis Cheeky sets out to be affordable and accessible – just what ‘Cheeky dolls’ are looking for.
Cheeky beauty products will be available from from October 2013 – you can sign up now on the website to receive launch news. Also follow @urcheeky for the latest information.

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