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Chantecaille’s Save The Sharks Palette

9 May 2013 (Updated: 13 Oct 2019)

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Until last Friday, I had absolutely no idea what hideous cruelty poor sharks endured for the sake of shark fin soup. I was at a launch for Chantecaille, who have a Save the Sharks palette, and literally had to fight back the tears listening to the terrible facts.
If you don’t want to read any more then just know this – Chantecaille are donating 5% of the proceeds from the sale of their Save the Sharks palette to amazing organisation BLOOM who are doing everything they can to stop the barbaric shark fin trade. They are making good progress. Here is the Chantecaille’s Save The Sharks Palette:
Chantecaille’s Save The Sharks Palette
Not only is it an absolute beauty, but you’ll be helping the sharks too. It costs £75, is refillable and 5% of all proceeds will be donated to the Hong Kong and Paris based ocean conservation group, BLOOM Association.
Here a bit more detail on the Chantecaille’s Save The Sharks Palette and also more information on what is happening to the sharks:
Great White – a soft beige inspired by the apex of our oceans’ ecosystems, the Great White shark
Grey Reef– a glistening sandy grey inspired by the Indian and Pacific Oceans’ Grey Reefs sharks
Black Tip – an on-trend deep ocean blue inspired by the aquatic spring runway looks and the dark, inky fin of Black tip sharks.
Sea Anemone – a flattering golden coral cheek shade inspired by the underwater gardens of the tropical seas.
Now the sharks. It is really bad. There are approximately 2000 sharks killed per minute just for the production of shark fin soup which is a delicacy in Asia.
They are hunted from the sea, have their fins brutally cut off and then cruelly thrown back into the sea to drown. It is just terrible – the amount of suffering they go through is heart-breaking.
“Fueled by an insatiable demand for shark fin soup, fisherman slaughter up to 73 million sharks on an annual basis. The barbaric shark fin trade not only represents one of the most serious threats to this ancient species existence, but it is also capable of destroying the balance of 70% of our world’s ecosystems.”
BLOOM is doing everything it can to help the sharks and have successfully orchestrated a top-level ban on all Hong Kong Luxury Hotels from serving shark fin soup. This is such a positive development and show that there is hope for this dreadful situation.
5% of all proceeds from the Chantecaille’s Save The Sharks Palette  will be donated to the Hong Kong and Paris based ocean conservation group, BLOOM Association.

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