Chanel Le Blanc Rosy Light Drops Review, Photos & Swatches
By Ree

Chanel Le Blanc Rosy Light Drops Review

29 Apr 2020

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I have had a lot of questions about the new Chanel Le Blanc Rosy Light Drops. Here’s what you need to know along with photos and swatches.

Chanel Le Blanc Rosy Light Drops
Chanel Le Blanc Rosy Light Drops

The name of this product drew me in right away. Rosy Lights Drops! Sounds like complexion heaven doesn’t it? Also, how absolutely gorgeous is this bottle. Even if I didn’t use this, I’d just want to look at it.

What are Chanel Le Blanc Rosy Light Drops?

  • Sheer highlighting fluid
  • Uses radiance-boosting pigments to illuminate your complexion
  • Adds a pearly pink luminosity to the skin
  • Can be used a range of different ways
Chanel Le Blanc Rosy Light Drops
Chanel Le Blanc Rosy Light Drops

My Review

This highlighter is really light and pearly and gives a gorgeous dewy look. I think it looks beautiful on the skin, and I have been popping it on even when I don’t want to wear foundation or concealer.

Over Moisturiser

It makes me look alive with minimal effort and it’s not too shiny or reflective.

The fluid has a thin consistency which I really like. It blends into the skin effortlessly and feels like a super-light serum.

Chanel Le Blanc Rosy Light Drops Swatch
Chanel Le Blanc Rosy Light Drops Swatch

For me this is a product you could compare to the NARS Tinted Glow Booster, or the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter. However it has a much thinner consistency than both of those. It is probably most like a more pearlier version of the By Terry CC Serum texture.

The Chanel is really cooled toned, and it just gives a subtle pearly glow to the skin. It is very understated and you could mistake it for light bouncing off of lovely fresh skin, rather than an obvious highlight.

How to Use Chanel Le Blanc Rosy Light Drops

Because this is such a sheer texture, you can do quite a lot of different things with it.

First off, apply it all over the face for a natural looking glow without the look of makeup. Also, you can mix it in the your moisturiser or primer for more of an under-glow.

The Rosy Light Drops are absolutely brilliant for mixing into a foundation if you want to amp up the glow. It sheers out the coverage very slightly however the light reflecting luminosity means that the coverage is still very skin perfecting. If you have any foundations that are a little too matte, this will add the juicy skin element they are lacking.

Here it is used as a primer under my Tom Ford Traceless Stick Foundation* (already a fairly glowy foundation):

Under Tom Ford Traceless Stick foundation (shade Bone)
Under Tom Ford Traceless Stick foundation (shade Bone)

Finally, you can use on tapped on top of makeup as a traditional liquid highlighter. The light texture sinks in easily, without disturbing your base if you use light patting motions or a light strokes with a soft fluffy brush.

As a highlighter

Where to buy them

Chanel Le Blanc Rosy Light Drops
Chanel Le Blanc Rosy Light Drops

The Chanel Le Blanc Rosy Light Drops are £38 and available via the following links:

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