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Caudalie Rose de Vigne Fresh Fragrance Review

28 Jul 2015 (Updated: 13 Oct 2019)

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I love Caudalie but I haven’t really tried any of their fragrance offering until now. Caudalie Rose de Vigne Fresh Fragrance is one of the prettiest yet modern rose scents I have come across – it is an absolute beauty.

Caudalie Rose de Vigne Fresh Fragrance Review

So this isn’t just about rose. True to Caudalie’s core, it uses its grape expertise alongside a delightfully refreshing pop of rhubarb that literally makes my mouth water!

“In the Les Graves area of Gironde in France, roses and grapes are grown together in a symbiotic relationship. Roses are more fragile than grapevines, and they are planted nearby to reveal any threats to the grapes before they make their way into the vines. In return, the strong vine stocks help irrigate the flower bushes with their silky petals.”

Caudalie Rose de Vigne Fresh Fragrance Review

As these 2 beautiful fruits of the earth work so closely together it makes perfect Caudalie sense to combine them to create a beautiful summer fragrance in the shape of Caudalie Rose de Vigne Fresh Fragrance.

Caudalie Rose de Vigne Fresh Fragrance Notes

Caudalie Rose de Vigne Fresh Fragrance Review
  • Top notes –  Grapefruit, Rhubarb
  • Heart notes – Rose de Mai
  • Base Notes – Magnolia, Musk Amber Woods
Caudalie Rose de Vigne Fresh Fragrance Review

One of the most fascinating things about perfumery for me is when science is used to create what something would smell like if you could literally translate it into a note. What’s interesting is that not everything can be naturally extracted, and if they were, they would probably not smell how we would imagine them to. This is the case with grape – the scent is actually impossible to extract – and so blackcurrant was used which also grows in bunches and contains tannins and residual sugars. I absolutely love that blackcurrant has been used to recreate grape and that vineyard feel. It is so clever.

I think what I love most about Caudalie Rose de Vigne is the super crisp, almost tart rhubarb. It literally makes me want to eat it.

Caudalie Rose de Vigne is £26 for 50ml. Find it at Feel Unique or via the links below



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