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Cargo Cosmetics Matte Top Coat Review

19 Aug 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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Some could say that I’m somewhat of a lipstick expert, considering I used to have my own lipstick brand. I definitely know what I like in a lipstick and what I don’t. I was also raised by a mother who always wears lipstick, and is so confident in her application skills that she often doesn’t use a mirror! 

Having never tried anything from Cargo Cosmetics, I was curious to give some of their products a go! Their Cargo Cosmetics Matte Top Coat is designed to extend your lipstick collection, by allowing you to create matte versions of your favourite shades. This is particularly on trend due to the current trend for matte lip glosses from brands like Kat Von D, Jeffree Star and Kylie Jenner.

Cargo Cosmetics Essential Lip Color Bombay
Cargo Cosmetics Essential Lip Color Bombay

Cargo were kind enough to send me a shade of lipstick to try the Matte Top Coat with.  They sent me Bombay, which despite being described as a shimmery rose, is definitely more of a deep peach, or deep coral. I usually stay away from orange based shades, but this is surprisingly wearable. I’ve been wearing it all week!

The Matte Top Coat applies like a balm, and isn’t drying at all. It does mattify the sheen, but doesn’t tighten, sting or dry like many matte lipsticks. It definitely creates a more current look, and is easy on the lips.

Cargo Cosmetics Matte Top Coat
Cargo Cosmetics Matte Top Coat

It does mattify lipstick, but isn’t a product that makes your lipstick long lasting. This may well be perfect if you’re someone who finds the long lasting lipsticks too drying and hard to wear, but still fancy exploring the trend for matte shades. If you’ve become used to wearing long-lasting matte lipsticks, but have been finding that your lips are a little sore or dry, this could offer a softer alternative. However if you’re a fan of lipsticks that don’t budge, sadly this Top Coat isn’t enough on its own to offer that staying power that the liquid lipsticks have. I do think it’s a great middle ground though, and lovely and moisturising to boot.

Cargo Cosmetics Matte Top Coat Before & After
Cargo Cosmetics Matte Top Coat Before & After

If you’d like to try Cargo Cosmetics Matte Top Coat for yourself, find it to order online here in the UK or here in the US.

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