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By Chloe Ferry Matte Lip Gloss Review

30 May 2017 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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Chloe Ferry is most known for her wild, but hilarious antics on Geordie Shore. Oh and her love of chicken nuggets! However, she’s recently launched her own self branded cosmetics line – Chloe Ferry Cosmetics. Her first release is the By Chloe Ferry Matte Lip Gloss range which are currently available in twelve gorgeous shades. There’s a wide range of shade colours so there’s definitely a shade for everyone.

By Chloe Ferry Matte Lip Gloss
By Chloe Ferry Matte Lip Gloss
Often when a celebrity, especially a reality star, releases their own brand of cosmetics they can be disregarded as a load of rubbish. However, being a fan of liquid lipsticks and being intrigued over the release, I requested to try the shade Envy (a neutral everyday nude). This is currently the best selling shade from the brand and I can see why. I find this an extremely flattering shade that’s neither too brown or too warm and would suit a wide range of skin tones.
Chloe Ferry Matte Lip Gloss
By Chloe Ferry Matte Lip Gloss
The formula is one of the best I’ve tried and I’m aware that’s a pretty bold statement considering how wide the market is for this type of product. The matte lip glosses are extremely lightweight and have a whipped, thin formula. The shades are all completely opaque but layering works well too. I usually apply two layers out of habit but one layer would suffice. There’s not much of a scent which I like as I’ve found others to be a little too sweet for me.
Chloe Ferry Matte Lip Gloss
by Chloe Ferry Matte Lip Gloss
I was also offered the chance to try another two shades, Passion and Rouge, too. Passion is a more peachy toned neutral for those who like something more warm toned and brighter than Envy. I think this is a great shade for spring and I will certainly be reaching for it. I’m not usually a peachy toned lover as I struggle to find the right tone but this is perfect!
The brightest shade I have tried is Rouge which is a beautiful mid-toned red that works for not only evening but day wear too. I love how bright yet wearable this shade is and it also applies really nicely on the lips.

 By Chloe Ferry Matte Lip Gloss Swatches

The packaging is very basic but does not feel cheap. I enjoy that the shades are shown through the bottle so it’s easy to find the shade you want. I know I’m terrible for losing many a lip product in the bottom of my handbag.

In terms of longevity and wear time – these are all extremely long wearing and do not crumble throughout the day. Like most liquid lipsticks they do tend to come off around the centre of the lip by lunchtime after eating and drinking but re-application solves the issue with minimal effort.

Each shade of the Chloe Ferry Matte Lip Gloss retails for £14.99 which I think is a very reasonable mid-range price point and these are definitely worth the spend. Find them here
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