Buxom PowerPlump Lip Balm Review & Swatches
By Ree

Buxom PowerPlump Lip Balm Review & Swatches

15 Jul 2018 (Updated: 13 Oct 2019)

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Lip products are what Buxom do best so I was super excited to try their latest launch. Here’s the low down on the Buxom PowerPlump Lip Balm range with lots of photos and swatches.

Buxom PowerPlump Lip Balm
Buxom PowerPlump Lip Balm

If you haven’t tried Buxom then these new balms are a great place to start. Although, if you like velvety matte lip colour, then you have to try Plumpline. They are the most amazing lip pencils.

Buxom PowerPlump Lip Balm Features

Buxom PowerPlump Lip Balm
Buxom PowerPlump Lip Balm
  • Available HERE
  • Three in one lip product
  • Balm, sheer lip tint, and lip plumper in one
  • Can be worn alone or with other lip products
  • Lightweight formula
  • Loaded with soothing pumpkin oil
  • Uses a boosting peptide to add volume
  • Deliver a cooling, tingling sensation
  • Metling texture for comfortable wear
  • Works with natural pH to create individual sheer tint
  • Available in four shades

Buxom PowerPlump Lip Balm Shade and Swatches

These chunky multi-purpose lip slicks come in four colours:

Buxom PowerPlump Lip Balm
Buxom PowerPlump Lip Balm
  • Big O – pink tint
  • Glowing – nude tint
  • Fiery – red tint
  • Flushed – berry tint

Big O, Glowing, Fiery and Flushed:

Buxom PowerPlump Lip Balm Swatches
Buxom PowerPlump Lip Balm Swatches

Big O is the easiest shade to apply and the nude shade, Glowing, is really easy too. I love both of them.

Buxom PowerPlump Lip Balm
Buxom PowerPlump Lip Balm

For darker lip colours like the red and the berry, I prefer a more precise delivery system for a sharper line, but if you like that really modern, diffused look, you’ll love them. I think the best way to use the deep shades is to dab on to the lips and then pat it in with your fingertips for that bee-stung look.

The Buxom PowerPlump Lip Balm range is available HERE now for £15 each. Some shades are selling out, but the line will be available HERE from 19th July 2018.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and stay tuned to the homepage and Instagram for news on all the latest launches and products. Find the Facebook page here.



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