Burberry Bright Glow Foundation Review & Swatches
By Ree

Burberry Bright Glow Foundation Review & Swatch

20 Sep 2016 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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I was very excited to try out the new Burberry Bright Glow Foundation because base products are up there in my favourite category in beauty and I love Burberry’s take on skin. It is always fresh, glowy and flawless and everything I want for my skin. I have been testing it and have some photos, swatches and thoughts to share with you.

Burberry Bright Glow Foundation
Burberry Bright Glow Foundation

This is the kind of foundation that you could put on in a rush and not bother with bronzer, blusher and highlighter, and still look alive and not at all flat. I discovered that because when I tried it for the first I was in fact really rushing and literally managed a light application of this, then a nude lippy and a quick slick of mascara. And when I looked in the mirror throughout the day, my face still had lots of dimension which was a lovely surprise.

Burberry Bright Glow Foundation Features

Burberry Bright Glow Foundation
Burberry Bright Glow Foundation
  • Skincare-enriched illuminating formula
  • White Peony & White Water Lily work to purify skin
  • Hylauronic Acid maintains moisture levels
  • City Protection in the form of scutellaria root extract defends against pollution
  • Weather-proof formula with SPF30
  • Delivers a flawless finish
  • Imparts skin with natural looking radiance
  • Long lasting hold
  • Buildable, lightweight texture
  • Suitable for covering pigmentation
  • Micro-powder & a blend of liquid silicone gives skin a soft and smooth feel
  • Active white light-enhancing ingredients create an even skintone
  • 6 shades
Burberry Bright Glow Foundation
Burberry Bright Glow Foundation

Burberry Bright Glow Foundation Swatch

I have the shade Ochre  No 20, which I thought was going to be a touch dark, but actually it evens out my skin nicely and I don’t really feel the need for bronzer to warm things up.

Burberry Bright Glow Foundation - 20 Ochre
Burberry Bright Glow Foundation Swatch 20 Ochre

There is also Porcelain No 11, Ochre Nude No 12, Beige No 26, Rosy Nude No 31, and Honey No 32.

Before & After Photos


Burberry Bright Glow Foundation


Burberry Bright Glow Foundation

I didn’t set this with powder and it lasted really well. I am always happy when I can skip powder because I love having the real juicy skin look of freshly applied foundation. It’s so hard to keep that with powder.

It bonds with the skin really beautifully and you can pretty much forget that you’re wearing it because it feels so light. It moved a tiny bit on my nose under my glasses, but considering I didn’t even powder my oily t-zone, I don’t think that’s too much of a problem.

I love the glowy, bright finish and the fact that it creates a lot of light and shape to the face without any other products. Also, the anti-pollution complex and SPF30 is a great bonus going into winter, as I am real fan of protecting my skin from the environment all year round.

The Burberry Bright Glow Foundation is available to order HERE with free delivery for £36.



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