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Brows. The Importance of Being Shaped!

22 Aug 2011 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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In terms of all the simple things you can do to look your best, it’s all about the brows as far as I’m concerned.
Throughout my university years, I was oblivious to the power of the brow, and I skipped though life all bushy in blissful ignorance. Not so blissful now when I look back at the pics and see the unruly mess that topped my eyes!
So I have been looking after them better for a few years now, first plucking, then waxing and for the most recent years, threading.
I have to say, I am a huge fan of threading. In case you don’t know what it is, although I’m sure you do, threading is a traditional hair removal technique using cotton thread. Rows of hair are pulled out at a time and it is quick and super effective. The therapist doesn’t use any products or chemicals so it’s good for anyone with sensitivities. It can hurt a little but I don’t find it too uncomfortable and sometimes it hurts more than other times!

I recently had it done at Browhaus for the first time and basically it was my best threading experience so far! Very exciting. This was threading with a twist as the therapist also did a colour tweak which was absolutely brilliant. This treatment is call ‘Browography’. My eyebrows looked amazing. The actually threading itself was excellent and they have stayed looking good for longer than ever – about three weeks before I had to intervene to pull the odd hair with my tweezers.

Here is the before and after story…


As you can see, the colour change is very subtle but it acts almost like makeup to perfect the shape and really define the brows. Love them.
On top of it all, the service at Browhaus was fabulous. Lovely, lovely girl who was incredibly gentle and I hardly felt a thing. I would definitely recommend the Browgraphy which costs £20. Excellent value for money.
For more information on Browhaus, visit

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