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Bravura Dermaflannel Review

25 Mar 2014 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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I use flannels and cleansing cloths everyday and so I was really keen to dry out Barvura’s Dermaflannel which promises to deep cleanse and exfoliate the skin like glycolic or salicylic acid.
Bravura Dermaflannel Review

I have used this a couple of ways – as my normal flannel to remove cleansers – and I find that it lifts off product and impurities really, really well. It is way more efective than a regular flannel. An even more effective way to use it is after cleansing so that there is no product getting in the way of the exfoliation process.
I just rub it over clean skin, and the special weave and super fine micro fibres work deep down into the skin to remove dead skin cells – “each cloth consists of tens of thousands of tiny storage compartments that lift the dirt up out of the pores, trap the waste and leave a clean surface. “
If you use the Bravura Dermaflannel every day it is suppose to be as effective as chemical peeling products. I don’t use it every day as I am completely paranoid about bacteria in flannels so it goes straight in the washing bin after I have used it. I actually end up once or twice a week for cleansing instead of my normal cloths and my skin is significantly softer, smoother and brighter when I do.
It makes me wish I had 7 but at £11.99 that would be a tad unrealistic for flannels, and once or twice a week is good enough for me. I could wash it by hand with antibacterial wash but life is just too short!!
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