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Bobbi Brown Customizable Palettes

13 Aug 2015 (Updated: 2 May 2016)

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I just wanted to give a really quick shout out to the fact that the Bobbi Brown Customizable Palettes have been re-introduced. If you travel a lot, or like to carry a bit of makeup around with to ensure you remain flawless, then you’ll love these handy palettes for your perfect makeup edit.

Bobbi Brown Customizable Palettes

Bobbi Brown Customizable Palettes

So there are 4 different sizes of palette available:

  • 6 pan palette
  • 4 pan palette
  • 3 pan palette
Bobbi Brown Customizable Palettes

They are all £7 and each one is decorated with the gorgeously classic Bobbi logo.

Bobbi Brown Customizable Palettes

Bobbi says the 6 pan palette is ideal for holding 4 eyeshadows and 2 blushes, and that the 4 pan palette is great to make up your smoky eye kit with room for a couple of mattes, a shimmer and a sparkle. The 3 pan palette is great for a trio of eyeshadows or perhaps as a brow kit with a couple of brow colours and a highlight shade for the arch.

The Bobbi Brown Customizable Palettes are available now for £7 each.



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