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Biotrue Rewetting Drops from Bausch + Lomb

2 Jul 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Those who follow Ree on snapchat will be aware she’s been suffering from hayfever related sore and tired eyes. She’s far from alone, in my day job as a Contact lens Optician dry eye is a major problem. For that reason I was happy to be offered the chance to try Biotrue Rewetting Drops from Bausch + Lomb.

Biotrue Rewetting Drops
Biotrue Rewetting Drops

Dry eye is caused by many different factors which can be biological or environmental. The typical signs are itchiness, watering (yes your eyes water if dry, it’s a reflex thing,) redness, tired looking eyes, blurred vision and in some cases a burning sensation.

This time of year, hayfever is a major cause. So too is our dependency on computers and other close items i.e. phones or tablets. Studies have shown our blink rate decreases considerably when looking at close range objects for prolonged periods of time.

For contact lens wearers the number one reason for ceasing wear is comfort, which is attributed to our tear film being unable to sustain hydrating the front of the eye and the contact lens.

Biotrue Rewetting Drops
Biotrue Rewetting Drops

Tears are a wonderful thing, they enable us to see clearly- blink now and see how much clearer things appear. They also have antiseptic and antibacterial properties. However, unlike when our skin gets dry and we apply moisturiser there seems to be a hesitancy to use eye drops.

A recent survey by Bausch and Lomb found that 49% of participants suffered from dry eye but have mostly accepted it as a side effect of modern living.

Bausch and Lomb have over 160 years of experience and are innovators in eye care and contact lenses, many of which have been used for decades and are still used today. This is why they developed Biotrue.

Biotrue solution is widely regarded as one of the most gentle contact lens solutions on the market and one I personally recommend daily to my patients. The natural progression therefore was to develop an accompanying eye drop.

What makes Biotrue Rewetting Drops so unique is the amount of hyaluronic acid in each bottle. We all know how skin care which contains hyaluronic acid helps our skin retain its natural moisture. These drops mimic this effect on our tears.

As hyaluronic acid, which is called sodium hyaluronate in these drops, is found within the natural structure of a healthy human eye and its tear film, it can retain almost 100x its weight in water to keep our eyes feeling hydrated. The amount within Bio-true is almost 10% higher than in other drops with similar claims, at 0.24%.

Being a dry eye sufferer myself and having access to many different drops I was keen to put these to the test. Eye drops, no matter how good, slowly break down in your tears over time. The amount of time depends on the quality of the drop. So reapplication is required during the day.

My day is spent with a large amount of PC work and also looking into a microscope, neither of which are great on my dry eyes. I tested these over a few days and found that I only needed to apply 3 times daily, whereas I normally use drops 4-5x a day.  I should point out that my eyes are extremely dry so that isn’t the norm.

Biotrue Rewetting Drops
Biotrue Rewetting Drops

The consistency of these drops was fairly thick. Don’t be concerned by this as they cause no blurring of vision on application and ensure the longer effect on the eye, so it’s a very good thing.

The bottle has a unique and innovative control grip system which simplifies handling and gives hygienic peace of mind during use. Importantly these drops are preservative free. Studies have shown that long term exposure to preservatives can cause quite severe problems. The bottle can be used for up to 6 months.

There are also single dose units available and these are great for handbag or makeup bag storage. I will be purchasing these as I like to carry drops at all times, especially on a night out, and the compact nature of these makes them perfect for such a purpose.

In summary Biotrue rewetting drops help to relieve tired or dry eyes caused by the following and more;

  • Long periods at the computer
  • Windy outdoor conditions
  • Contact lens wear
  • Air conditioning and central heating
  • Air travel
  • Sports activities

I also recommend preservative free drops to relieve the symptoms of hayfever as they help dilute allergens and can reduce symptoms. So Ree if I was you I’d certainly give these a try.

Find Biotrue Rewetting Drops to order online here

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