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Top 5 Best Moisturisers for Men

8 Nov 2014 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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So which are the best moisturisers for men? The men’s skin care market is still relatively young compared to the women’s market. In fact, go back 15 years or so and you’d be hard pushed to find a man using a moisturiser, let alone having their own brand to use.


Fast forward to modern day, however, and it’s a completely different story. Not only are men happy to buy and use a moisturiser, there are literally hundreds of brands making dedicated products to keep our man-skin hydrated! The men’s market may still be small compared to the women’s but it’s come along way, in a very short space of time and there are now lots to choose from.

So following on from my Best Cleansers for Men, here are my Best Moisturisers for Men (again categorised by skin type and function). A quick note though first, less is more when applying moisturiser! Men tend to be quite heavy-handed with product and slathering / drowning your skin is creams and lotions will do it no good.

So remember, if in doubt, use less, a lot less!

Best for Oily Skin


Korres Borage Anti-Shine Moisturiser For Men

Men generally have an oilier complexion than women, due to our higher levels of testosterone. This Androgen hormone stimulates the sebaceous gland (oil producing gland) to produce more sebum. Not necessarily a bad thing. Oil is essential for a healthy barrier function, however, it does mean we’re prone to excess shine, which some men don’t like.

The Korres Borage Anti-Shine Moisturiser For Men provides lightweight hydration with a matte finish and contains Spirulina & Centella extract for healing and calming properties. Plus vitamin C for antioxidant protection.

Retails at £19.50 for 50ml.

Best for Dry Skin


NYR Men Rejuvenating Moisturiser

Despite our testosterone levels, not all men have oily skin. Something many skin care brands forget and they end up pigeonhole-ing all men as having an oilier complexion.

Whether it’s genetic, illness, medication or simply age, men can still suffer from dry skin in the same way as women can. Not many men, however, enjoy the feeling of heavy occlusive cream on their skin. Nor would they want to appear as if wearing product.

The NYR Men Rejuvenating Moisturiser contain Green Coffee extract for antioxidant protection and is slightly richer thanks to the Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter but yet still light enough for all skin types.

Retails at £22 for 50g.

Best All-Rounder


Origins Save the Males Multi-Benefit Moisturiser

So, this is for the fussy male. Who hasn’t got oily skin but wants something oil-free. Who hasn’t got dry skin, but wants something hydrating. Who is concerned with lines & wrinkles, but won’t admit it enough to choose something “Anti-Ageing”.

Origins Save the Males Multi-Benefit Moisturiser ticks all the boxes. It contains Chinese Wolfberry, Mangosteen Extract and Carrot Protein for antioxidant support, plus anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Retails at £28 for 75ml.

Best for Ageing Skin


Mazorin Optimal Face Maintenance

Despite our advantages when it comes to ageing, the pressure is still on men to look their best in their 40’s, 50’s and beyond. When it comes to moisturisers and ageing, it seems the older you go, the heavier they get. Which as already mentioned, some men just don’t like.

What’s great about Mazorin Optimal Face Maintenance is that although it’s targeted as an anti-ageing moisturiser (containing peptides, algae and Vitamin A), it’s incredibly lightweight. In fact, I’d describe it as an almost serum-like consistency.

Retails at £29 for 50ml.

Best 2-in-1 Moisturiser + SPF


Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturiser SPF20

UV is the number 1 skin-ageing factor. Which is why it’s important to wear a sunscreen all-year round to protect the delicate collagen fibres that help keep us looking young.

If you’re one of those men who has only just got your head around applying a moisturising lotion to your skin, then the thought of applying a separate sunscreen is probably way out there. Don’t worry, small steps!

The Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturiser SPF20 with Blue Algae Extract and Sea Parsley combines a lightweight moisturising lotion with a built in sunscreen. It’s ideal for daily use and SPF20 is more than enough around this time of year in the UK!

Retails at £28 for 100ml.

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