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The Great Peel Off – Acid Facial Treatments Challenge!

13 Jun 2016 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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Acid facial treatments make me think of Sex In The City’s Samantha having her chemical peel disaster, however it seems that acids aren’t just for burning. You can’t have missed the big trend for over-the counter, daily face creams containing acids these days, so I was keen to put a few of these to the test.

Beautician Applying Mask On Customer's Face At Salon
Acid Facial Treatments -Superdrug Naturally Radiant Glycolic Overnight Peel

Hyaluronic acid is a skincare ingredient you may have been seeing popping up again and again recently. This cheeky little acid apparently has molecules that can hold over a thousand times its weight in water within the cells of our skin, and therefore hydrates and plumps. Our own natural hyaluronic acid decreases as we age, so it makes sense we may want to replace it to create a more youthful appearance!  

Glycolic acid is more of an acid in the traditional sense, and it has a proven effect on fine lines and wrinkles. It should make your skin clearer, and more evenly toned.

All of these acids make the skin extra sensitive to UV damage, which is the main reason these are night time products. You must also ensure you wear SPF in the days following treatments.

I put 3 skin care products containing Hyaluronic or Glycolic acids to the test! Here are my results:

  • B. Radiant Overnight Mask 50ml £11.99

Acid Facial Treatments
Acid Facial Treatments – B. Radiant Overnight Mask 50ml

This is pitched as a solution from your late 30s, so for once I’m a little young; that never happens! The texture of this was so rubbery I couldn’t stop dipping my finger in, definitely the opposite of what one should do with skin care.It says it gives 12 hours of moisturisation. When you wake up the next morning your face definitely still has product on it, and you need to wash it off. There is something rather satisfying about knowing it’s clung to your skin for so long. Find it here

  • Superdrug Naturally Radiant Glycolic Overnight Peel £5.99

Acid Facial Treatments
Acid Facial Treatments – Naturally Radiant Glycolic Overnight Peel

This is a bargain but I found the runny texture pretty challenging to use! It felt tingly, and when you go to bed with it on, you are aware of something on your skin. It’s not unpleasant but as someone who usually wears a night oil to bed, it didn’t feel as luxurious and as relaxing! I washed it off the next day, and I have to say I liked how soft my skin felt- I could definitely notice a difference.With repeated use, in comparison to the other products, this one feels the ‘strongest’ in that it tingles more on application. Find it here

  •  Optimum Grape Overnight Peel £12.99

Acid Facial Treatments
Acid Facial Treatments – Optimum Grape Glycolic Overnight Peel

I love the pump applicator of this one, and the gel texture was easy to apply. It says it’s aimed at 25 years and upwards, to help delay the first stages of ageing, so perhaps it’s a little less harsh compared to the B Radiant mask, however I couldn’t find any percentage of acids online to compare them.  Find it here

I’ve been using these each night for two weeks now, and my skin is feeling pretty good! It can be hard to isolate what has an impact on the skin, as I’ve also recently changed my foundation, and blusher, however I do feel these acids are having a great effect on my rosacea area on my cheek, so I’ll definitely be keeping it up! If you decide to follow suit, do remember your daily SPF though!


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