Benefit Brow Contour Pro Pencil Review & Swatches
By Ree

Benefit Brow Contour Pro Pencil Review & Swatches

14 Aug 2018 (Updated: 13 Oct 2019)

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I am super excited that these BIC style multi pens are catching on in makeup because aside from being extremely nostalgic and gadget-y, they are actually really practical and space-saving. I am a fan and thank Clarins every day for going there! Now, Benefit have taken up the idea for brows with the brand new Benefit Brow Contour Pro. I have it here to show you.

Benefit Brow Contour Pro Pencil
Benefit Brow Contour Pro Pencil

So this is a 4-in-1 Defining and Highlighting Brow Pencil designed to give you everything you need to get your brows looking good.

Benefit Brow Contour Pro Features

Available HERE

Benefit Brow Contour Pro Pencil
Benefit Brow Contour Pro Pencil


  • A lighter brow shade
  • A deeper brow shade
  • Edge definer
  • Easy brow contouring
  • Blendable formula
  • 24-hour longwear
  • Waterproof finish
  • Available in 5 shades

Benefit Brow Contour Pro – How To Use

If you are familiar with the Clarins 4 Colour Pens, you’ll know exactly how to work these.

Benefit Brow Contour Pro Pencil
Benefit Brow Contour Pro Pencil

You simply slide down the chosen colour tab and then twist the pen until the product shows from the nib.

Benefit Brow Contour Pro Pencil
Benefit Brow Contour Pro Pencil

In terms of application, you need to start with the lighter shade and apply from the top of the brow up to the arch. Next switch to the deeper shade and fill in from the arch to the end of the brow. The Definer shade is for defining the edges of the brow, and you finish with the highlight shade beneath the arch.

Benefit Brow Contour Pro Swatches – Brown Light

Light shade, Deep Shade, Definer, Highlighter:

Benefit Brow Contour Pro Pencil Swatches – Brown Light

It’s a great pen for me because I love using two different shades for my brows to prevent that overly blocky look that can appear really unnatural. You don’t often get two shades in pencil products. The only other time I have come across it is in Fleur de Force’s Eylure Brow Define double-ended pencils.

The Benefit Brow Contour Pro Pencil is available HERE now for £28.50.

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