BECCA Pearl Glow Luster Glow Powder, Palette & Lip Tint Swatches
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BECCA Pearl Glow Collection Review & Swatches

10 Dec 2019 (Updated: 11 Jan 2020)

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This is a really exciting new launch from BECCA with a brand new formula for multi-dimensional luminosity. Yay. Here’s a look at the BECCA Pearl Glow Luster Powder, Shimmering Palette and Lip Tints. I have photos and swatches.

BECCA Pearl Glow Collection
BECCA Pearl Glow Collection

I love the packaging on these new products. They look kind of space-age-y – I’m sure there’s a better way to say that, but I am going to go with that for now! I love the new highlighter formula, and the eye palette has an interesting mix of textures and formats which make it pretty unique.

What’s in the BECCA Pearl Glow Collection?

BECCA Pearl Glow Collection
BECCA Pearl Glow Collection

So as I have already touched on, there are three brand new elements to this makeup collection:

  • Highlighter – Pearl Glow Luster Powder
  • Eye palette – Pearl Glow Shimmering Eye Palette
  • Lip – Pearl Glow Lip Tint in 3 shades

As you have probably guessed from the name, the collection is inspired by pearls – the “natural iridescence of freshwater pearls” to be precise. The formulas are infused with  a proprietary blend of pure light-reflecting mineral pearls for super glow.


BECCA Pearl Glow Luster Powder

This new highlighter is pretty magical and super sheeny shiny! I love the compact and the finish and colour is so pretty. The highlighter is the star of the show for me!

BECCA Pearl Glow Luster Glow Powder
BECCA Pearl Glow Luster Glow Powder

This is a new formula which is being described at water-light and jellified and it has been designed to give the skin a glassy looking luminous finish.

BECCA Pearl Glow Luster Glow Powder Swatch
BECCA Pearl Glow Luster Glow Powder Swatch

It applies and blends like a powder, but delivers a liquid-like glow. It’s so gorgeous!

Shimmering Eye Palette

This is a limited edition palette comprising of three brand new finishes. The Pearlescent formula which runs down the central panel of the palette, uses the water-light jellified texture that the new highlighter has.

There are four shades in the Luminous texture which promises a soft, eye-brightening, soft radiant finish. Finally there are two matte shades, with a super smooth finish.

Pearlescent swatches:

BECCA Pearl Glow Eye Palette Swatches
BECCA Pearl Glow Eye Palette Swatches

Luminous & Matte swatches:

BECCA Pearl Glow Eye Palette Swatches
BECCA Pearl Glow Eye Palette Swatches

Pearl Glow Lip Tints

I love these lip tints. They are infused with jojoba oil, vitamin E and watermelon butter. The formula works to smooth and plump the appearance of the lips, whilst moisturising with a soft tint. There are three shades:

Lip Tint
Lip Tint
  • Rose – light petal pink
  • Lilac – soft fuchsia
  • Blackberry – juicy plum
BECCA Pearl Glow Lip Tint Swatches
BECCA Pearl Glow Lip Tint Swatches

They are pH reactive to flatter the natural lip shade and each one gives a soft tinge of colour and a juicy finish. They are lovely!

Where to buy the BECCA Pearl Glow Collection

This beuatiful collection is available now at Cult Beauty* and ASOS*. The highlighter is £32, the palette is £42 and the lip tints are £19.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and stay tuned to the homepage and Instagram for news on all the latest launches and products. The Facebook page is here and make sure you also find me on YouTube.



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