beautyblender Brush Collection - The Detailers Review
By Ree

beautyblender Brush Collection – The Detailers Review

13 May 2020

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I don’t think I was ever really expecting a beautyblender Brush Collection and so it would be silly to say that this had exceeded my expectations! However, had I been expecting this, it would have exceeded my expectations! Check out The Detailers from beautyblender. More than a makeup brush!

beautyblender Brush Collection - The Detailers
beautyblender Brush Collection – The Detailers

So what makes this makeup brush launch extra special is the fact that the design combines skincare and makeup with ingenuis rollers for perfect skin prep. It’s basically the makeup brush collection I never knew I needed! And considering that this brand is all about sponges that is very impresssive!

What’s in the beautyblender Brush Collection?

There are five brushes in the range:

beautyblender Brush Collection - The Detailers
beautyblender Brush Collection – The Detailers
  • BIG BOSS – Powder Brush and Cooling Roller £52
  • SHADY LADY – All-Over Eyeshadow Brush and Cooling Roller £26
  • HIGH ROLLER – Crease Brush and Cooling Roller – £27
  • WING MAN – Curved Eyeliner Brush £19
  • THE PLAYER – 3-Way Brow Brush – £22

My Review

I have two of the brushes to show you, the Big Boss powder brush and the High Roller crease brush and I absolutely love them.

beautyblender Brush Collection - The Detailers
beautyblender Brush Collection – The Detailers

The rollers on the end of each brush are brilliantly excecuted. The tear drop shape is perfect for facial massage, they stay cool for a good amount of time, and they roll effortlessly. I have forever wished I could quickly depuff my face before applying my makeup and now I can! It all works so well.

beautyblender Big Boss brush
beautyblender Big Boss brush

I love the Big Boss so much. It is pricy but absolutely gorgeous and it has the softest fibres for delivering lightest layer of powder, bronzer or blush. I actually spent quite a lot of time just therapeutically stroking it over my face before I even took it anywhere near makeup.

The other brush I have is the High Roller which is a brilliantly soft crease brush and all round eye blender brush. It is perfect for a wash of colour for a quick eye look, and for easily definining the contours of the eyes and diffusing any harsh lines.  Plus it is the ideal shape and texture for blending concealer.

beautyblender High Roller brush
beautyblender High Roller brush

And again it has the most gorgeous roller perfectly sized to depuff the eye area for flawless makeup application.

The design is stunning and I love the nude pink and opal colour combinations of the handles and the ferrules. They are just so wonderfully put together.

Where to buy the beautyblender Brush Collection

The Detailer brushes are available now at Cult Beauty*. If you love a makeup brush and a bit of facial massage, I highly recommend the ones I have tried. They have sold out already once at Selfridges, so snap them up.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and stay tuned to the homepage and Instagram for news on all the latest launches and products. The Facebook page is here and make sure you also find me on YouTube.

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