Beauty Storage: The Best MakeUp Box I've Ever Owned
By Ree

Beauty Storage: The Best Makeup Box I’ve Ever Owned

28 Feb 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Ever since I read Marie Kondo’s book The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up I’ve been slowly and systemically de-cluttering my life. Open a drawer at my house and my socks are lined up in orderly, folded pairs, my T shirts carefully arranged into small, uniformly sized squares and my hanging rails resemble a Bond St store, so systematically arranged are they by both length and colour.

best makeup boxes

Whilst I genuinely love the order that’s been created out of what was, to be frank, my somewhat chaotic and haphazard housekeeping, when it comes to makeup, I just can’t even begin to start sorting. Every tiny bit of it, to use Kondo’s turn of phrase, brings me joy.

My husband might mutter under his breath as he trips his way around the bathroom, but he understands enough to appreciate that enquiring as to whether I really need 6 different concealers and 22 shades of eyeliner when mostly I only wear two of them is a marriage breaking kind of a question, and he just shouldn’t go there. For the sake of marital harmony though, whilst I’m not prepared to de-clutter my makeup, I do want to keep it at least reasonably tidy. That’s where this makeup box comes in.

Best Make Up Boxes

What this box does is sort my makeup into some semblance of order. Enough that I know where to find everything, and if I’m choosing between 12 different variations of nude lipstick, I can pick them out in a second without having to search through endless drawers and cupboards for the perfect shade to match a smoky eye.

What I love about these boxes (the three shown are mine and my daughters’) is that they remind me in some small way of the boxes makeup artists used when I was modelling. They have that same expensive, metallic look that the professional boxes have, just fortunately without the hefty, triple digit price tag that professional boxes also come with.

Equally, they are sufficiently robust that they easily withstand daily use. There are plenty of shoddily made makeup cases on the market and these aren’t amongst them. The outer case and sliding sections are all well made and strong and have stood up to daily use for over two years now, with no issues whatsoever- they look as good as the day they were bought.

What I like too, is how they are divided, the top level is split into one half with two deep sections that height wise perfectly fit 90% of my foundations, and on the other half are two shallower sections that neatly hold eye pencils and mascaras. Under the shallower sections is a sliding tray, perfect for lipsticks or concealers.

beauty boxes inside

The larger bottom half is where this box really comes into its own. Whereas so many of these makeup boxes have a bottom compartment that’s an afterthought and too small to be of any real use, the bottom section of this box is a decent height, allowing you to store taller foundation, primer and skincare bottles upright. Not only that, but palettes, brushes, even hairdyers and tongs can all comfortably fit into the bottom section of the box, keeping everything in one tidy place. If you’re somebody with even an above average amount of makeup, this box should be more than adequate size wise for everything you need to store.

The one thing I’m not so enamoured with in this box is the locking mechanism, it’s way too fiddly and not really strong enough to bother with in my opinion. If locking the box is vitally important to you and you’ll want to lock it regularly, I’d look at a box with a stronger lock, because this one probably won’t meet your needs. If, like me though, you won’t need to regularly lock your box, the other advantages of this box way outweigh the flimsy lock.

If you’re looking for a stylish, professional looking box, one that is built of sufficient quality to stand up to years of everyday use, and is big enough to store all your makeup without being so big you can’t lift it, this box could be just what you’re looking for. I personally prefer it in black, although both my daughters chose the silver and prefer that. If you really want to push the boat out it also comes in pink, red, pink croc and zebra too!

You can find my favourite makeup box HERE in black or HERE in silver, with free delivery. Other colours available HERE

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