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Beauty BLVD Star Dust – Brighten Up Your Makeup!

8 Jul 2017 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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For those of you that don’t read my blog or follow me on social media, I am a major magpie. I love everything glittery, sparkly and shiny! That love shows in all aspects of my life from my attire, my jewellery, my handbags and most recently my makeup. My cosmetic glitter collection has grown massively over the last 6-12 months. I am always on the lookout for more colours and textures to use.

Beauty BLVD Star Dust
Beauty BLVD Star Dust Collection

And that is where Beauty BLVD’s Star Dust comes in! I did not know much about these glitters until I came across the brand online. I was immediately keen to try them. If you have not heard of Beauty BLVD, it is an exclusive online shop and is well known for their product, Glitter Lips. Beauty BLVD products are all cruelty-free, water-based and safe to use on children from 3 years. They sell a range of different things including face and eye masks, stencils and lip tints. Naturally I was interested in the glitter items!

As festival season is upon us I tested the Star Dusts rather than the Glitter Lips, as the Star Dusts can be applied to the face, hair and body. I am not much of a festival goer myself. However, as a makeup artist I will happily apply festival makeup on others so I wanted to see how good these glitters would actually be!

I tested five different colours:

Beauty BLVD Star Dust
Beauty BLVD Star Dust Contents

In each box you receive a pot of glitter. In it is a mixture of large and small particles, a glitter glue which has multi-colour glitter within it and an application brush. The instructions for applying the glitter are on the back of the box:

Beauty BLVD Star Dust
Beauty BLVD Star Dust Instructions

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the glitters were to apply. I love the quality of them! All five colours are stunning, super shiny and iridescent:

Beauty BLVD Star Dust
Beauty BLVD Star Dust Glitters

After reviewing the application process I tested the glitters on my skin, my face in a makeup look and on my hair. I was very impressed!

Beauty BLVD Star Dust
Beauty BLVD Star Dust On My Arm

On my arm, I applied all five glitters and left them on for the majority of a day. During that time they did not budge aside from the odd particle slipping off if rubbed against something. They were very comfortable on the skin. There was no irritation during or after wearing and when I did remove them it was easy! All I needed to do was rub some liquid body wash over the glitter and they came away quickly and smoothly with no glue residue remaining.

When I wore them as part of a makeup look, they were equally long wearing and very eye-catching:

Beauty BLVD Star Dust
Beauty BLVD Star Dust In Use

The one thing I would say is that to apply the glitters close to the eyes I could not use the brush provided as it was too large. I used a much smaller eye brush to place the glitter carefully around the lash-line. However, the glue and the glitters worked just as well. They did not aggravate my eyes or the delicate skin and the glitter stayed in place for hours. When I applied the glitter above the eyebrow I used the brush provided and the glitter went on perfectly. When I was ready to remove my makeup, the glitters came off straight away without heavy rubbing and again there was no glue residue.

Last, I tried the glitters in my hair! For this experiment I mixed some of them together, applied the glue with the brush and then sprinkled the glitters over the top. Finally I pressed them down with the brush and my finger tips and then left my hair for the rest of that day:

Beauty BLVD Star Dust
Beauty BLVD Star Dust In My Hair

I have never worn glitter in my hair so this was actually really fun! I carried on doing various tasks during the day and the glitters barely moved! It’s incredible the way they catch the light and shine in the sunshine. At a festival they would be mesmerising! My only worry with this test was whether the glitter and the glue would remain in my hair after washing. I had heard stories of people having glitter hair for weeks despite multiple washes! However I needn’t have been worried about Beauty BLVD Star Dust as they came out fully in the first wash, had not damaged my hair and the glue was completely gone too. My bathtub needed a good rinse though!!

So, was the magpie in me satisfied with these glitters? Definitely YES! I cannot complain about any aspect of the products. They were easy to use, easy to remove, beautifully shiny and fit for all purposes as advertised. The only added extra I would love to see is a second smaller brush included in the pack, for use in makeup looks so that you can create intricate patterns and designs! Otherwise, I was in glitter heaven!

If you would love to try Beauty BLVD Star Dust or any other Beauty BLVD products, you can check out the full range here. If you are a festival fan, these Star Dusts should definitely be on your outfit list – you won’t regret it!

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