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Beautiful Brows Brow Kit Review

1 Dec 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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Brows do not seem to be going away as far as beauty trends go. As a teenager of the 90s I was guilty of over plucking my brows and despite my best efforts, they haven’t grown back as well as I’d have liked. So I’m constantly on the hunt for that perfect brow product. I don’t like to spend ages on my brows so products like Benefit’s gimme brow are what I usually choose. However, Beautiful brows are not a company I’d heard of but they have a Beautiful Brows Brow Kit containing all you need to achieve perfect brows so I was happy to try it out. 

Beautiful Brows Brow Kit
Beautiful Brows Brow Kit Closed

The products all come in a lovely sturdy black and white travel case with everything neatly stored.

The kit contains:

  • Eyebrow powder
  • Tweezers
  • Eyebrow highlighter
  • Magnifying mirror
  • Three eyebrow shape guides
  • Duo applicator brush
  • Highlighter brush
Beautiful Brows Brow Kit
Beautiful Brows Brow Kit Contents

The eyebrow shape guides come in 3 styles: sleek, natural and bold. They are used to help achieve that perfect shape and full instructions are provided. I wasn’t able to use the guides as I have a very high arch to my brows and these are a more straight style so wouldn’t work with my natural brows.

The highlighter is a beautiful shimmery champagne pink and is removable, with refills available. It is quite chalky in texture and can seem white if not used lightly so you need to apply sparingly.


The tweezers have a soft grip and a very handy comb at the end for brushing through brows. They were great at getting those baby fine hairs. Mine tend not to want to come out and these did a great job.

The highlighter brush is a small handled, fluffy, natural hair brush. It could be doubled up as a shadow brush if travelling light.

The duo applicator brush has a shadow brush on one end and an angled brow brush on the other. To be honest I haven’t used the shadow end as I’m not actually sure what it’s intended for. The brow brush is great as it’s not too large, so great for those with skinnier brows like mine.

The brow powder is smudge proof, sweat proof and water resistant. It comes in 5 shades which are;

  • BBslate
  • BBBlack
  • BBlightbrown
  • BBdark brown
  • BBchocolate
Beautiful Brows Brow Kit
Beautiful Brows Brow Kit

Normally, I use dark in gimme brow or chocolate in Anastasia dipbrow pomade, to give you an idea of brow colour. I was matched as BBDarkbrown by Beautiful Brows and it’s a great colour match, but does lean to the warmer side. So for those with cooler toned brows, they may find it a little too warm.

The Beautiful Brows mineral pigment eyebrow powder is smudge proof, water resistant and lasts until you remove with an oil based make-up remover. I do actually really like the brow powder as it’s quick to use and lasted even after going to the gym, so I can recommend this. 

You can find the Beautiful Brows Brow Kit to order online here


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