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Batiste Care & Vitality Dry Shampoo Review

10 Nov 2014 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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So if you ever felt that although dry shampoo does a great job, that it might not be doing quite so much good to the health of your hair, then say hello to Batiste Care & Vitality Dry Shampoo.

Batiste Care & Vitality Dry Shampoo Review

This is one of the latest addition to Batiste’s rather full-to-bursting portfilio of dry shampoos and it promises to deliver twice the benefits of regular dry shampoo.

Batiste Care & Vitality Formula

Batiste Care & Vitality Dry Shampoo has a rather clever 2-in-1 formula with added:

  • Mandarin Oil Extract
  • Amino Acids

These ingredients works to refresh and also leave hair feeling “stronger, smoother, and healthier, with body restored shine”.

It has a lovely fragrance with notes of White Blossom, Lychee, Violet Leaf, Peony, Amber, Lily and Freesia, with a warm base of Cedarwood and Musk. Fabulously fragrant locks!

You apply it just as you would a regular dry shampoo and you get the same benefits but with added nourishment and shine.

Batiste Care & Vitality Before and After Photos

Before: my hair is not filthy but it could do with a refresh and a bit of bounce. After a couple of days, it tends to get dry and a bit flat.

Batiste Care & Vitality Dry Shampoo Review – Before

I applied the Batiste Care & Vitality into the roots, massaged it in, and then brushed out my hair.

Here’s the after shot:

Batiste Care & Vitality Dry Shampoo Review – After

I am really impressed with this! It completely plumps up the hair whilst refreshing the roots, but feels so much softer than regular dry shampoo. It gives the hair a fabulous healthy look that I love! I’m a fan.

I thought this was funny!

Batiste Care & Vitality – Before & After

And because I am obsessed with 90s hair right now, here’s a toned down version of the 90s Hair Flip that was sported by the likes of Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss and Drew Barrymore back in the day!

90s Inspired Hair Flip!

Batiste Care & Vitality Dry Shampoo Review – After

The Batiste Care & Vitality gives the hair some great pliability so it’s fab for styling. What do you think?

I think the key for this, and all dry shampoos, is to shake the can before every single spray to make sure the product is freshly activate and as effective as possible.

Batiste Care & Vitality Dry Shampoo is available now for £3.99. It’s on offer at Boots for £2.66 right now.



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