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BaByliss Curl Pods Review – Wrap & Snap!

15 Aug 2015 (Updated: 7 Apr 2016)

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Oooh this is some lovely news I think! In fact I haven’t been this excited about a new hair gadget since the wonder of the all singing, all dancing Curl Secret!! So what we are looking at here are next generation heated rollers, AKA the BaByliss Curl Pods, and I love them!! Here’s the low down.

BaByliss Curl Pods Review

Now I gave these a very quick, minimal effort test, and it’s instant love. They are so easy to use, create the most beautiful curl and movement in the hair, and they don’t put too much heat stress on your precious locks. Perfect!

BaByliss Curl Pods Review

BaByliss Curl Pods Features

BaByliss Curl Pods Review
  • Pods have a unique all in one design
  • No need for clamps or clips
  • 18 large curl pods
  • Neat unit with carry handle
  • Ultra fast heat up
  • 1.8m cord
  • Velvet storage pouch for extra pods
BaByliss Curl Pods Review
BaByliss Curl Pods Review

When I first saw this little set, my eyes lit up!! It is such a clever idea and it really does work. It is so much less fiddly than traditional heated rollers so you need even less skill to get a gorgeous result.

BaByliss Curl Pods Review

I had a really quick try and wrapped my hair around the pods in fairly big sections and literally left them in for about 5 minutes to cool and set. It’s an easy process.  You simple take a section of hair, hold the pod halfway down the length of the section and start to wrap the hair around. When you get to the ends, tuck them in and continue to roll up the hair to where ever you want the curl or wave to start. You then close the pod and it’s done. I worked round my hair and had them all in within about 5-10 minutes. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

BaByliss Curl Pods Review

If you need extra pods, you can simply pop the spares into the gaps you leave as you go.

BaByliss Curl Pods Review
BaByliss Curl Pods Review

Because I was giving it a quick try, I didn’t leave them in too long to set, so got a nice soft movement. The longer you leave them, the more the curl will form and the longer the style will last. Simple! Also, I feel like it is a much gentler heat than a tong or wand and they leave a nice shine on my hair.

BaByliss Curl Pods are £60. Find them HERE



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