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Aysse Champagne Skincare

11 Oct 2013 (Updated: 16 Feb 2018)

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I popped along to a Feel Unique launch yesterday to find out all about brand new French skincare company, Aysse. The crux of it is, Aysse have harnessed the power of Champagne (yay!) to bring us sparkling beauty! The Aysse founders have discovered that Champagne contains a staggering 1000 different molecules including trace elements, mineral salts, organic acids, vitamins, antioxidants and collagen’s raw materials. Exciting! I knew there was a reason I love Champagne!
Aysse Champagne Skincare
And why is it so potent? Well, the soil in the Champagne region is incredibly rich with clay and limestone and the 3 types of grapes used benefit hugely from this. The ageing and double fermentation processes employed renders the component ingredients very potent. Good old Champagne! I knew it!
The 15 product Aysse range (across face and body care) contains 1-5% pure Champagne plus 40 other active ingredients. The University of Reims is 1 year into a 3 year study on the efficacy of Champagne in skincare and the results are already looking good, with marked cell differentiation and improvements seen on skin resistance, collagen production, cellular renewal, hydration, matric reshaping, skin-healing.
Aysse has 2 ranges – Mellisime for younger skins and Prestige for more mature skins – and there are 3 cleansers, a serum, 2 face creams, an eye cream, 2 masks, a shower gel, a body scrub, a sugar scrub (delish), a spray body cream (called Eau de Creme – I’m in love already), a body lotion and a hand cream that promises to alleviate sweaty palms (so need to try that one!).
I have samples of a few of the products and will update you with more info as and when I’m better aquainted. I have high hopes based on what I have seen and heard and am kind of in love with the idea of extending the Champagne lifstyle to skincare!
Aysee skincare is exclusive to Feel Unique and launches on 21st October 2013. You can sign up for news over on the site. Prices start at £12 and go up to £110. Feel Unique offers free delivery.
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